Aptitude testing for professions in aviation, passenger transportation and goods transport

Avoiding and preventing dangerous situations is essential for the safe transportation of passengers and goods. And if a risky situation does arise, the vehicle operator needs to be able to react quickly and calmly.
This behavior is influenced primarily by individual abilities and personality traits. Psychological tests can recognize such individual potential along with relevant behavioral tendencies.

Every day, professional drivers, train operators and pilots (both in civilian and military aviation) take on enormous responsibility: toward travelers, toward cargo owners, toward their employers and not least toward other traffic participants.
Given this responsibility, it is incredibly important to make the right choices both in routine moments and in stressful or even dangerous situations. Psychological tests allow you to assess whether a person has both the necessary abilities (such as high capacity for sustained attention) and the right personality profile (such as a strong sense of personal responsibility) for such a job.

The SCHUHFRIED Selection combines all necessary tests in a single package. Use this package to compile the test set that most efficiently meets your needs and profit from the standardized test sequence and the clear, systematic overview of results.

Buckle up – with the SCHUHFRIED Selection!

The best part: Our SCHUHFRIED Test Assistant is included, to give you added support. You say whom you want to test, and the Test Assistant will tell you how! Simply input the occupation you want to test for and automatically receive a set of tests from the SCHUHFRIED Selection compiled to answer your questions as efficiently as possible. Give it a try now!

Safety Assessments with the Vienna Testsystem

Depending on the professional group you need to test, we also offer predefined sequences known as test sets. These test sets support your aptitude testing process with the utmost efficiency, giving you specific test results that allow you to determine a person’s suitability at a glance.

Aptitude tests for

When pilots drop out or are disqualified during or after initial training, the costs can be high. So why not identify unsuitable candidates as early as the application process? Especially under pressure or in critical situations, pilots have to make the right decisions in an instant.

That is why the SAAIR test set offers you an efficient and high-quality way to determine the suitability of future aviation personnel.

Particular advantages:

  • The test set is designed to meet the demanding criteria of military aviation and has been optimized for use by civilian airlines.
  • The tests measure safety-relevant personality traits, ability markers and individual potential. Test presentation is adaptive and highly resistant to falsification.
  • The set has been validated with respect to its predictive power for flight simulator performance.
  • Tests are equally suited to efficient selection in the application process and to regular monitoring of active pilots and personnel.

Train drivers are confronted with a wide variety of situations every day – from monotonous routine to crises and stress. To react to these varied situations appropriately, they must exhibit certain safety-relevant traits and abilities. There is an easy way to check whether applicants have these qualities: the SARAIL test set.

Particular advantages:

  • The SARAIL test set combines tests and dimensions for assessing ability and personality factors relevant in the field of rail psychology.
  • The tests are equally suited to selecting new applicants and to monitoring employees already active in the company, as per directive 2007/59/EC of the European Parliament and the Council.
  • SARAIL helps you improve both efficiency and quality of your process for selecting and monitoring train drivers. A key feature of the test set is the detailed processing of the results, which greatly facilitates interpretation and profiling.

Human error continues to be responsible for the vast majority of road accidents. Concentration, reaction time, orientation performance and of course stress tolerance are especially important in everyday traffic situations.

The SAROAD test set was developed specifically for professional drivers and measures an individual’s central ability and personality traits.

Particular advantages:

  • On the basis of multiple studies, our combination of ability and personality dimensions is optimally suited to predicting safe traffic behavior in professional drivers.
  • Test results are linked to professional drivers’ daily tasks, so that the applicants’ potential is clearly displayed for relevant task areas.

Testing a large number of applicants requires a great deal of time and money. You can reduce this cost by preselecting candidates with the help of the SAFESC (safety assessment screening) test set. For your further selection process, you then invite only those candidates who show suitability potential.
SAFESC is available as screening tool for aviation, rail and road contexts.

Screening for ideal pre-selection

  • The abilities tested with the SAFESC were selected based on international guidelines, proven selection procedures, and empirical studies.
  • The SAFESC offers a fast overview of the results: an overall scoring in percentage points with a three-star system as an aid to interpretation and individual results with an assessment in traffic light colors. The different weighting of the abilities in aviation is included in the scoring.
  • Respondents can complete the SAFESC remotely, that is, from any location on their own PC or on a mobile device. This saves you and your applicants time, costs and travel.

In addition to the SCHUHFRIED Selection, you can also choose from the entire portfolio of the Vienna Test System (WTS) and put together your own test. You can find a complete overview of all our tests in our WTS Marketplace.

The advantages of SCHUHFRIED safety assessments at a glance:

  • This complete test set includes the most important dimensions for the relevant professional group – both ability and personality factors.
  • SCHUHFRIED’s own input and output devices can be used to record specific safety-relevant dimensions (e.g. reaction time or peripheral perception).
  • The standardized, automated test sequence guarantees objective and fair testing as well as saving you and the respondents time and money.
  • Automated scoring is available instantly – free of errors and with useful aids to interpretation.
  • The tests are highly resistant to falsification.
  • VTS can be fully integrated into your IT infrastructure.
  • Relevant information from other parts of the application process can be imported to VTS as well, so all your data are organized in one place.
  • VTS can be linked across several (international) locations.

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