Psychological testing for safety-relevant jobs

High stress tolerance and good decision-making in critical situations – such a profound degree of responsibility means that police work and military service are not only physically demanding but also involve a great deal of psychological stress. This makes psychological ability testing important not just when screening and selecting applicants, but also in routinely monitoring active personnel.


In addition to physical fitness, high cognitive performance, precise motor skills and behavior under pressure can be crucial: When identifying those with potential for jobs with high safety relevance, cognitive abilities such as logical reasoning but also psycho-motor capacities such as reaction speed are assessed. This ability spectrum is complemented by assessments for personality traits such as emotional resilience and risk avoidance.

That is why the SCHUHFRIED Selection contains the most important tests for efficient and high-quality measurement of these important criteria. Simply select the tests measuring whatever factors are most meaningful for your particular needs.

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The best part: Our SCHUHFRIED Test Assistant is included, to give you added support. You say whom you want to test, and the Test Assistant will tell you how! Simply input the occupation you want to test for and automatically receive a set of tests from the SCHUHFRIED Selection compiled to answer your questions as efficiently as possible.

Psychologische Tests für sicherheitsrelevante Berufe

For many years now, the Vienna Test System (VTS) has been used internationally by institutions with public safety responsibilities (military, police). It is also firmly established in safety-relevant research.
The VTS offers a broad range of tests. Depending on your needs and use case, your SCHUHFRIED Selection can be expanded to include any test in the VTS, for example to determine specific ability requirements. Screenings offer you objective information about whether potential recruits are suitable for service, whether they have a history of mental disorders or disease and how they react to certain stressors. With this knowledge, you can better estimate what effects the high psychological demands of service might have on them. This allows you to more accurately reach and justify personnel decisions.

Psychologische Tests für sicherheitsrelevante Berufe

How VTS supports your decision-making process:

  • A comprehensive selection of psychological suitability tests measures traits central to safety-relevant occupations (such as attention, resilience or leadership ability).
    We have compiled a separate offer for military pilots. Find out more.
  • Specific safety-relevant dimensions (e.g. reaction time or peripheral perception) can be measured with SCHUHFRIED’s own input and output devices.
  • Work-related aspects of personality: Test for relevant personality tendencies such as team orientation, management style or susceptibility to stress and burnout.
  • Standardized digital test presentation allows a fair and objective evaluation of each individual candidate.
  • Efficient and cost-effective testing is possible on site and remotely – even for group testing.
  • Our large range of validated translations allows testing in over 30 languages.
  • Clear overview of test results: Respondents’ individual strengths and weaknesses are displayed automatically in an efficient, easy to understand format. This gives you the option of targeted support and investment (such as through training costs) in only the most promising talents.
  • The range of tests can be personalized and extended through flexible integration of your own tests and questionnaires.
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