Customized job and career planning

Your clients are looking for empirically based assessments of their individual strengths and development potential. The tests of the Vienna Test System give you the detailed information you need.


Your work involves helping young people, the unemployed or people (re-)starting their career path determine their scholastic or professional aptitude? The Vienna Test System (VTS) can help you reach a fast and efficient assessment of your clients’ capacities and personality traits – allowing you to place them successfully.

With the SCHUHFRIED Selection, you have a collection of suitable tests in the Vienna Test System at your fingertips. Simply select the relevant dimensions to compile your own targeted and efficient assessment procedure.

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Additional bonus: The included SCHUHFRIED Test Assistant provides you with a scientifically sound recommendation for efficient assessment of the relevant skills and personality aspects.
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Berufs-, Karriere- und Laufbahnplanung nach Maß

Of course you can also expand SCHUHFRIED Selection to include other tests that address specific questions. This allows you to simply and quickly determine a client’s aptitude for specific training or occupation groups – and to recognize interests, talents and potential worth supporting.
Find the entire test portfolio in the VTS Marketplace, where you can also flexibly combine individual tests according to your needs.

Berufs-, Karriere- und Laufbahnplanung nach Maß

Highlights of the VTS for counselors

  • The broad range of tests includes tests for occupationally relevant abilities and traits such as mechanical/technical comprehension, occupationally relevant cognitive dimensions, tests for career-related interests and inclination and much more.
  • Testing can be administered to suit your needs: on site or remotely, individually or in groups, with traditional tests or your own specifically defined test batteries, …
  • Respondents receive a fair, objective and standardized test experience – in over 30 languages thanks to our large range of validated translations.
  • Automated, error-free scoring is available immediately after completion of the test. The visual presentation of the results is easy to understand and is bolstered by written reports.
  • The VTS keeps your data in one convenient place: Benefit from streamlined administration and secure data storage. Profiles and fit scores for different job categories allow an easy comparison of test results as needed.
  • Up-to-date norms (in some cases including specific job categories) provide context for a meaningful, evidence-based assessment of performance.
  • No need to reinvent the wheel. The VTS is easy to integrate into an existing IT infrastructure.

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You have big plans, such as an exciting project or linking up several locations in order to centrally access test results?
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