The Vienna Test System in sports

Ability and personality assessment in sports psychology – tailor-made for talent scouting, training young athletes or sports research

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The Vienna Test System (VTS) allows detailed yet efficient sports psychology assessments. The psychometrically validated tests offer trainers as well as athletes themselves an objective overview of their individual sports psychology profile – through ability testing just as much as through personality assessment.

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It offers a selection of tests that answers the most important ability assessment questions, supporting your objective decision-making.
Assess the performance structure of your promising players and athletes and optimize your selection and development processes!

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Additional bonus: The included SCHUHFRIED Test Assistant provides you with a scientifically sound recommendation for efficient assessment of the relevant skills and personality aspects, e.g. for trainers or competitive athletes.
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Das Wiener Testsystem im Sport

The core of VTS is its modular setup: Expand the SCHUHFRIED Selection to include additional tests or test sets as needed – depending on the relevant sport and requirements profile. You can even upload or integrate your own established tests into the system.
Precise identification of individual strengths and weakness allows you to target your interventions and results measurement with pinpoint precision. The combination of tests and training is the particular purpose of the Mental Test and Training System (MTTS).

Das Wiener Testsystem im Sport

Sports psychology selevtion and development

VTS helps you scout for potential, select athletes and foster young talent more reliably and accurately – and gives you information for targeted training planning. The psychometrically validated results give you an objective basis on which to build your decision-making and evaluate and optimize individual training processes.

Sports psychology research

In addition to its practical applications, the VTS is also used in a wide variety of research contexts. It has proved especially useful for identifying the specific strengths and weaknesses of high-performing or young athletes. Such assessment supports the athletes in maximizing their potential and therefore performing as well as they possibly can.

Draw on the full potential

In our WTS Marketplace you will find all the tests that provide you with answers relevant to sports psychology – both for practice and for research.

Highlight for athletic success

  • The broad range of ability and personality tests can be used to compile comprehensive individual profiles.
  • SCHUHFRIED’s proprietary input and output devices allow precise measurement of sports-relevant indicators such as reaction time, decision-making capacity, reactive stress tolerance, coordination skill and peripheral perception.
  • The standardized test process, wide variety of languages and stringent scientific standards ensure that each respondent receives a fair and objective assessment.
  • The tests are constructed to distinguish between ability levels in the upper performance range.
  • Testing is extremely efficient: Test duration is as short as possible, test supervision is not necessary and results are scored instantly and automatically.
  • Reports describe your candidate’s performance in words and diagrams. Complex test results are broken down succinctly and made easy to understand.
  • Your own established tests can also be integrated into VTS.
  • For certain use cases, SCHUHFRIED has developed predefined test sets, such as for success factors in team sports (SFTEAM) or talent assessment (TATEENS2).
  • Group testing allows cost and time savings, for example in research projects or training evaluation.
  • Benefit from secure data storage and simple administration: VTS makes it easy to document testing, offers a convenient ranking function and supports exports of the results data into various formats (such as for SPSS).

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