Optimize your higher education admissions testing

Do you want to identify the applicants likely to achieve the best results? Are economical selection procedures important to you? We have the perfect solution!


With the Vienna Test System (VTS), you can make your higher education entrance testing fair and efficient – both for you and for your applicants.

The SCHUHFRIED Selection offers you the ideal combination of assessments. It includes the most important tests to meet a wide variety of psychological assessment needs, answering your questions with pinpoint precision.

Get VTS now, together with the SCHUHFRIED Selection!

Additional bonus: The included SCHUHFRIED Test Assistant provides you with a scientifically sound recommendation for efficient assessment of the relevant skills and personality aspects.
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Optimieren Sie Ihre Hochschuleingangstestung

You can also expand your SCHUHFRIED Selection to include other tests from VTS as needed. An overview is available in our VTS Marketplace.
This broad range of empirically based tests allows you to flexibly put together your own test sequence for efficiently measuring relevant abilities. That way, you not only make your screening and selection process more targeted but also reduce student drop-out rates.
Choose individual potential, not just prior achievement!

You have big plans? Get in touch with us! We are happy to advise you and support you in finding the best solution for your project.
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Optimieren Sie Ihre Hochschuleingangstestung

What VTS has to offer:

  • Due to the wide range of tests, both ability and personality characteristics can be measured. If required, SCHUHFRIED’s own input and output devices enable precise testing of sensorimotor and psychomotor skills.
  • Efficient and standardized test presentation saves you and student applicants time. Tests do not need to be supervised, and remote testing can be completed fully online.
  • A broad range of languages allows measuring a person’s ability in their respective mother tongue.
  • Up-to-date norms lay the groundwork for fair, meaningful comparisons. In addition, you can also integrate your own reference values.
  • Test results are available instantly after completion of the tests – even in group testing. Automated scoring includes clear, easy to understand results, individual reports and detailed profiles.
  • The convenient ranking module helps you quickly and easily sort a large number of data sets according to criteria of your choice.
  • Thanks to centralized storage of all test results, efficient data administration makes it easy to document aptitude and suitability tests.
  • VTS is easy to integrate into your institutions IT infrastructure, giving you maximum flexibility. Or you can expand the VTS to include your own tests and other relevant external data (such as grades or interview notes).

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