Reactive behavior & visual functions

When challenging situations or dangers arise in road traffic, it is important to react appropriately. Whether crossing an intersection or overtaking: quick and correct action can prevent accidents and avoid potential risky situations before they occur. This requires not only quick perception, but also a good overview and ability to react.

Why reactive behavior & visual functions are an important criterion for traffic safety?

Numerous studies show that driving performance decreases with increasing mental workload. In traffic, we are often facing stressful situations such as rush hour in the big city or searching for a parking lot in flowing traffic. In such situations, the resilience, the reactive behavior under stress, is of enormous importance.

In order to recognise vehicles or persons appearing sideways in traffic in time, we need the visual function of peripheral perception. It is mainly associated with speed estimation, vehicle guidance and monitoring of the driving environment. It is therefore assumed that deficiencies or failures in peripheral perception are a significant cause of accidents.

Find the right test for reactive behavior & visual skills

Discover various tests on reactive behaviour and visual ability in SCHUHFRIED's Vienna Test System!

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