Sustain mobility

Traffic psychological studies not only serve to prevent accidents, but also create and maintain mobility.

We create and sustain mobility - in the elderly and with disabilities

Drivers often want to remain mobile until an advanced age. With increasing age, however, there is often a loss of performance. With the Vienna Test System, performance can be measured easily and conveniently. In order to create fair conditions, our tests and input devices are designed to be easy to use even for technically inexperienced test persons. Furthermore, our recommended test procedures are standardized for traffic psychological diagnostics with a reference sample of up to 85 years and older. This ensures a high degree of relevance and fairness even for older drivers.

In order to make tests feasible for people with physical disabilities, most of them were designed to be used alternatively with only one hand and/or without foot pedals. In order to ensure that persons with physical limitations can be subjected to a largely fair test diagnostic assessment, all tests intended for this purpose were validated in cooperation with CLUB MOBIL and Factum OHG on persons with neurological acute events.

Intuitive testing even for PC-inexperienced persons with the SCHUHFRIED response panel.


Traffic psychologically relevant dimensions are for example:

  • Concentration (COG)
  • Attention (WAF)
  • The estimation of motion and speed of objects (motion anticipation) (ZBA)
  • Visual memory performance (VISGED)
  • Conclusive thinking (AMT)
  • Spatial imagination (3D)
  • Hand-eye coordination (2HAND)
  • Resilience in stressful situations and ability to react (DT)
  • Perception of hazards (GECO)
  • Driving-related aspects of personality (KEKS)
  • Reactive behavior & visual functions (WG)


Test – train – evaluate (linking the VTS and CPS)

In contrast to stand-alone paper-and-pencil tests, the SCHUHFRIED software is designed as part of a holistic concept of test-train-evaluate. If necessary the Vienna Test System can be used in combination with a cognitive training program (CogniPlus), which is based on the same theoretical constructs. An important instrument for our customers is the detailed scoring of all tests and training, including the results report which classifies the results in a "traffic light" system as under average, average, or above average.

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