Clinical neuropsychological assessment

Digital psychological tests support you with the differentiated identification of cognitive dysfunctions and thus provide a sound basis for therapy planning.

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Find suitable employees

In professions with particularly high levels of responsibility, it is important to carry out performance tests and personality tests as early as the employee selection stage, because most accidents in the workplace are caused by human error.

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Digital testing has never been that easy

Digital testing opens up a whole range of possibilities for you. With the Vienna Test System (VTS), high-quality tests at the latest state of the art in science and practice are just a mouse click away.

VTS Marketplace

In the VTS Marketplace you will find detailed information on all tests and test sets as well as details on the dimensions covered, languages and test forms available.

VTS online: The fastest way to access the Vienna Test System 

Fast and uncomplicated. High quality. State-of-the-art technology.

Whether you administer testing only occasionally or work in a larger team, the new VTS Subscriptions for VTS online contain everything you need for efficient digital diagnostics: from an intuitive tool for selecting the right tests through answering your questions about optimum administration all the way to automated scoring. 


Included in your VTS Subscription: The SCHUHFRIED Selection and the Test Assistant.


Vienna Test System

The Vienna Test System (VTS) offers digital solutions for psychological assessment. The established system supports you with established tests and modern test designs for the ideal placement of vacancies, the measurement of psychomotor skills, the assessment of cognitive impairments and much more. Choose the test that suits you best, one of our optimized test sets or design your own test battery.
Comprehensive automatic test evaluation included!

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VIENNA TEST SYSTEM + In- and output devices

Every year around 13 million tests are carried out worldwide using the SCHUHFRIED Vienna Test System. With the VTS you can experience the entire spectrum of the digitalisation of psychological assessment.

Discover the VTS' fields of application!

Unlock the full potential of the Vienna Test System by using our specially developed, test-specific in- and output devices.


We offer specific tests for:

  • Clinical and neuropsychology
  • Human resources
  • Traffic psychology
  • Sports psychology



Scientific Advisory Committee

SCHUHFRIED now has a scientific advisory committee!

The scientific advisory committee offers support and advice to ensure the highest quality of testing and optimum processes, especially in the development of new psychometric tests.

Success Story: Assessing fitness to drive with the VTS

Patients should be able to take part in a programme that is required to assess their fitness to drive and maintain their driving licence in France. The Vienna Test System is used to assess certain abilities, such as selective attention.

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