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The administration interface of the Vienna Test System

Clear, user-friendly, multi-featured

The Vienna Test System utilizes the advantages of digital testing to the full.

It enables you to work with your data. You are not tied to a rigid test presentation and scoring scheme but can adapt your testing procedures to your requirements.

The structure of the Vienna Test System’s user interface facilitates this. It uses convenient and intuitively arranged index cards, making it easy to navigate and to switch between the different functions. User-friendliness, an adaptable main screen and ease of operation were top priorities in development of the Vienna Test System.

There is a comprehensive manual for each test and test set and for each of the specialist versions of the Vienna Test System (HRNEUROTRAFFICSPORT). We shall be happy to send manuals to you. Just contact us.



The world's first digital psychological test system

The Vienna Test System was the first system of its kind to lay the foundation for digital psychological diagnostics. It has grown with its users and their challenges. For this reason, user-friendliness, a flexibly adaptable interface and ease of use were always basic premises in the development of the Vienna Test System. To briefly explain such a comprehensive and multi-faceted system is a challenge that we are happy to take up here:

Webinar on demand: How to make full use of the person tab


Administration of persons

The "Person" tab offers you numerous possibilities for managing persons. When you create a test person, you can include not only name, date of birth and language, but also, for example, driving licence class, medication or other information essential to you. You can configure in advance in the person database which detailed information is to be queried.

Persons Tab

Persons Tab



Webinar on demand: Test administration and test batteries


Test selection and test administration

After you have created your test persons in the Vienna Test System, you can now select and assign a suitable test. Under "Test application" you can either select a test directly or use the filter option "Dimensions" to get an overview of the dimensions to be tested and the tests available for them. After you have decided on a test, you can often select a test form or select and deselect subtests. This allows you to flexibly create your own test sequence and then specify it directly via "Start test".

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Evaluation of the test results

Depending on the test, you can choose between individual evaluation (with main and secondary variables), test battery or test set evaluation. Different display variants are available, such as table, profile, etc. The tab "Test results" also allows a progress display and the output of a Word report for some tests and test sets.

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Discover the possibilities

VTS is versatile

Wide range of languages

The psychological tests in the Vienna Test System can be presented in up to 30 languages – at no extra cost and with no need for additional software installation – regardless of the language of the user interface. During translation tests are adapted if necessary to different cultural environments. The user interface and the scoring of results are available in 17 different languages.

Wide range of test forms

The Vienna Test System makes many psychological tests available in different test forms. These differ in aspects such as length, difficulty or mode of presentation (e.g. acoustic, visual). Parallel forms of many tests are available (identical object of measurement, different items); these can be used as alternatives.

Wide range of norms and integration of your own norms

All the tests in the Vienna Test System have sufficiently large, representative and up-to-date norms to enable test results to be compared with those of a representative sample. Many of the tests in the Vienna Test System have been normed on groups that include elderly people. Gender-specific and education-specific norms are also available. Norms that you have collected yourself can also be imported into the Vienna Test System.

Incorporating your own tests

Do you want to use your own tests or questionnaires in the Vienna Test System? We shall be happy to integrate them for you. Find more information here.

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