Customized job and career planning

With Job & Career Assessments from SCHUHFRIED

Job & Career Assessments

are excellent tools for use in job and career planning. They provide placement officers, educational counselors and careers advisors with additional information about their clients’ skills and personality and hence improve the quality and efficiency of Placement.
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With the Vienna Test System you can test abilities – such as motor skills, reactions, vigilance, multi-tasking and planning ability – that can only be measured accurately by electronic means. In addition, general ability tests, personality tests and intelligence tests help to identify special talents.

Would you like to integrate our test system into an existing IT environment? Is the option for combining several tests in one session (test battery) important to you? Do you need quick, clear and easy-to-understand scoring of the test results, together with reports for the applicant and the job advisor? The Vienna Test System HR is your all-in-one solution that provides all of this and more!

Assessment for advisors and signposters

  • Large choice of tests, facility to create test batteries, database for ease of administration, reports, profiles and FIT scores for job categories, integration of tests developed in-house.
  • Assess job-related skills and characteristics efficiently and economically.
  • Identify interests (especially for young people needing to choose their career).
  • Successful placement as a result of more comprehensive knowledge of your clients.


Depending on the issue under consideration, different dimensions can be measured, e.g.:

  • Vocational interests (e.g. MOI)
  • Attitude to work (AHA)
  • Work-related cognitive dimensions (INT)
  • Service and customer orientation (B5PS)
  • Reading comprehension (INSBAT-2)
  • Mechanical/technical comprehension (MTA)
  • Multi-tasking (SIMKAP)