Vienna Test System NEURO

Optimize your clinical neuropsychological assessment process with our scientifically proven test quality

Would you like to spend less time laboriously scoring paper-and-pencil tests and instead utilize all the advantages of digital testing?
Do you need a wide range of tests that assess neuropsychologically relevant dimensions?

Identification of the type and localization of brain damage does not in itself provide sufficient information about the extent (quantitative) and nature (qualitative) of any functional impairment. Reliable and valid neuropsychologically relevant tests and efficient treatment methods are needed if functional impairments are to be assessed in both quantitative and qualitative terms and subsequently treated.

The Vienna Test System NEURO is the version of the Vienna Test System (VTS) specially adapted for use in clinical neuropsychology. It is our all-in-one product solution that utilizes all the advantages of the digital world. Data administration, testing and scoring are user-friendly, self-explanatory and flexible. For our customers this means objective administration of tests, precise test material and scoring that is accurate, sophisticated, and graphically well presented.

Specific, exact, theory-led

the three fundamentals of our tests & training programs provide certainty in assessment and therapy.

You have at your fingertips specific and sensitive tests covering all the relevant neuropsychological functions and sub-functions, in accordance with the guidelines of the prestigious German Neuropsychological Society. The tests include established and well-known tools such as the Trail Making Test (TMT-L) and the Tower of London (TOL-F), and tests that measure time-sensitive dimensions, such as the Perception and attention functions battery (WAF). The system is modular, enabling the neuropsychological tests relevant to the issue under investigation to be selected. The tests can be combined into test batteries. In addition, you have access to specially developed test batteries known as test sets.

The VTS NEURO is used in connection with neurological disorders, mental disorders and reintegration to work.

You can benefit from our know-how

icon-check Reliable assessment process thanks to digital testing: standardized instructions, practice phases and fast, accurate scoring
icon-check The psychological tests are closely coordinated with the cognitive training programs of CogniPlus, the cognitive training system from SCHUHFRIED.
icon-check Parallel test forms
icon-check Extensive and constantly updated norms
icon-check Specially produced input devices for the investigation of psychomotor issues and for ergonomic test administration generally
icon-check Validated sets of specific tests designed to answer a general query: e.g. basic cognitive testing (COGBAT); assessment of fitness to drive after traumatic brain injury (DRIVESC).

Fields of application

Neurological disorders

Our psychometric tests help you make a differentiated assessment of cognitive deficits in neurological patients. In addition, SCHUHFRIED provide constantly updated, symptom-specific norms to assist you in classifying the disorders/injuries. CogniPlus gives you access to corresponding training programs.

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Mental disorders

In patients with psychiatric symptoms, a supplementary neuropsychological assessment provides additional clarity about the extent of the disorder and helps determine an appropriate treatment method. SCHUHFRIED’s specially compiled test sets make it easier for you to assess cognitive deficits.

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Work reintegration

The Vienna Test System NEURO enables you to assess clients’ cognitive status, providing an objective basis for therapy and rehabilitation measures. Use it to help your clients return to work after traumatic brain injury, mental illness or other causes of cognitive impairment.


The perfect team: Vienna Test System NEURO and CogniPlus

CogniPlus is a scientifically based training program for attention, executive functions, memory, neglect/visual field, spatial processing and visuo-motor skills. It has been developed alongside the Vienna Test System NEURO, enabling neuropsychological tests to be administered to identify the need for training and to monitor the progress made as a result of training. The corresponding tests and training programs are based on the same theoretically clearly defined constructs. However, the tests and cognitive training programs use different tasks. This enables a reliable distinction to be made between the material–specific learning effect and the desired training effect. Read more: CogniPlus

"The treatment of attention disorders must always be preceded by careful assessment, since many therapy studies have shown that treatment must be specifically tailored to the deficit that is present. In the case of disorders of basic attention functions (alertness, vigilance) in particular, the use of over-complex training programs may result in a deterioration of performance. Computerized therapy programs that train specific attention functions in realistic everyday situations have proved useful.” (Guidelines of the German Society for Neuropsychological Assessment and Therapy)