Vienna Test System TRAFFIC

Assessment of fitness to drive for greater safety on the roads

Did you know that technical improvements do very little to reduce the frequency of accidents on the roads? It is the human factor that is crucial. Traffic safety research shows that 90% of all accidents are attributable to human error (Gelau, Gasser & Seeck, 2012). The driver’s attitude and behavior are thus key factors in accident prevention. This is precisely where traffic psychological assessment comes in. By measuring ability and attitudes relevant to road safety, psychological tests help the assessor make a reliable decision about whether a driver is fit to be allowed on the roads.Tests also ensure fairness because each person is assessed individually and because the assessment criteria are standardized.

Indispensable: tests validated for used in traffic psychology

Only tests validated in a traffic psychology setting provide the assurance that the tests measure the ability and personality characteristics that have a bearing on road safety. Tests that have not been validated – and ones that have not been validated in a traffic psychology setting – endanger the quality of the assessment.

SCHUHFRIED has been conducting research in the field of traffic psychology for more than five decades. Its work on developing and improving digital traffic-psychology assessment tools goes hand in hand with our focus on providing state-of-the-art tests. You too can benefit from our know-how!

More than 1,863 Vienna Test Systems from SCHUHFRIED are currently in use in driving assessment centers worldwide. The tests in the Vienna Test System have been specifically developed for use in traffic psychology and are thus precisely tailored to this field of use. All the tests have been validated for use in traffic psychology and are suitable for people who have limited computer knowledge or none at all. The structured, standardized and objective process ensures that the same conditions apply to all respondents, so that all have the same chance – regardless of their cultural background or level of education.


icon-check Precise and reliable measurement of all traffic-psychology-related issues is ensured by the millisecond-precise measurement of response behavior and by the range of peripheral devices that can be controlled by the Vienna Test System.
icon-check All tests have been validated in a traffic psychology setting.
icon-check Modern, high-quality and ergonomic input panels, produced in Austria.
icon-check Fair and scientifically validated assessment is assured as a result of continuous research.
icon-check Clear and simple instructions ensure that the system can also be used by older people and people with no computer experience.
icon-check Compilations of specific tests designed to answer an overarching query: fitness to drive (DRIVESTA, DRIVEPLS); driving behavior (PERSROAD).
icon-check Reports describe your respondent’s performance in words and diagrams. Complex test results are broken down succinctly and made easy to understand.

Fields of application


Fitness to drive on the basis of statutory requirements

Measure fitness to drive with special test sets and a wide range of traffic-psychological ability and personality tests that comply with legal requirements. By validating the tests in a traffic psychology setting, SCHUHFRIED guarantees a high correlation between the test result and practical driving behavior. Read more...

Sustain mobility

Traffic-psychological assessment serves not only to identify unsafe drivers: it also provides a basis for devising and recommending specific measures to maintain older people’s fitness to drive. Read more...

You are in good company!

Extract from our references

We work globally: Our international partners - together with SCHUHFRIED's headquarters in Austria - service customers all over the world.

SCHUHFRIED always develops new tests according to the current state of the science as well as the new developments in the legislation. The tests and test sets answer these statutory requirements and are recognized by official institutes. Over the last decades, a wide range of customers benefit from the Vienna Test System TRAFFIC in more than 30 languages all over the world!

The Vienna Test System TRAFFIC is used in following countries:

icon-check Austria
icon-check Belgium
icon-check Chile
icon-check Columbia
icon-check Croatia
icon-check Czech Republic
icon-check Denmark
icon-check Finland
icon-check France
icon-check Germany
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