The Vienna Test System: A team player

Simple and flexible interaction between interfaces

The Vienna Test System Integration Service (VIS) provides an interface that enables the Vienna Test System to be integrated into other software systems, thus making the exchange of data straightforward. Your existing applicant management systems, HR databases and IT environments (e.g. in clinics) can interact easily with the Vienna Test System. Existing workflows are unaffected; they merely acquire additional valuable information from the psychological tests. This ensures an efficient and easily managed flow of work.


Examples and advantages of interface interaction

icon-check Thanks to the VIS, the Vienna Test System stands behind the existing software. It runs in the background and only needs to be accessed if settings need to be changed.
icon-check Increased efficiency: personal data can be imported automatically into the Vienna Test System from another database or exchanged between two Vienna Test Systems. This means that candidates’ details only need to be entered or edited once; they do not need to be maintained in two different software systems.
icon-check Test results can be exported automatically and then incorporated into an existing database. All numerical data (e.g. FIT scores, raw scores, percentile ranks) is exported as CSV files, ASCII or HR-XML. Verbal data, scorings and graphics are transferred in PDF form.
icon-check Group-wide comparison scores – e.g. for different locations, countries and training levels – can also be incorporated.
icon-check All data (both raw scores and norm scores on the test variables) can be exported into standard statistical programs (such as IBM SPSS Statistics©) for further statistical processing.