Use exclusive norms to interpret test results to an even higher degree of accurancy

Are you testing in an area where a comparison with specific groups of people would provide more significant results? Be it executives, specific professional or patient groups - use our exclusive norms and get even more out of your results!

What are exclusive norms?

Exclusive norms are norm samples that represent a homogeneous group. These can be people with certain medical conditions (e.g.: affective disorders, depression, burn-out, dementia), in specific jobs and positions (e.g.: pilots, tram and subway drivers, managers, employees) or with certain skills (e.g.: professional athletes, drivers). By using these exclusive norms, test results can be better interpreted in context.

The results of your test persons are too close to each other? Compare your professional athletes to other professional athletes rather than to a representative sample. Compare executives with managers and patients with neurological disease patterns with similar patients. This way, the results and the interpretation will be more informative for you and also easily understandable for the test subjects.


With exclusive norms you can:

  • give your test results additional significance.
  • estimate the severity of a disease more accurately.
  • Make differential diagnosis easier.
  • Increase acceptance among those tested.


You can ...

use existing exclusive norms


  • Managers in the DACH region (job-related personality test B5PS)
  • Pilots (intelligence and performance tests AMT, DT, SMK)
  • Tram & subway drivers (performance tests DT, RT, COG)
  • Teens (interest test MOI)
  • White-collar workers (occupational tests B5PS, SMART)
  • Patients with affective disorders (performance tests such as TMT or WAF)
  • healthy, older drivers (traffic-related performance and personality tests such as TMT, WAF, FGT or PP-R)

have your own exclusive norm created


You have collected a lot of test data and would like to have an exclusive norm created from it? This is possible as long as the data:

  • is anonymize and the test(s) were fully completed
  • is not older than 5 years
  • include a homogeneous sample whose characteristics (e.g. diagnosis, applicant group, etc.) are sufficiently documented.

If an exclusive norm can be created and you make it available to us and other VTS users, you will receive your exclusive norm free of charge.



Advantages of exclusive norms



in the field of HR:


  • Type of occupation or position can be taken into account.
  • Better differentiation in the upper performance range and with regard to certain personality traits.
  • Higher acceptance of the test results by the test person.

in the field of NEURO:


  • More accurate assessment of severity of impairment or symptoms.
  • Better differentiation in the lower power range.
  • Useful for differential diagnosis.



in the field of SPORT:


  • Enables sport-specific comparisons.
  • Comparison with the performance level of professionals.
  • Higher acceptance by test person.
  • Better differentiation in the upper performance range.

in the area of TRAFFIC:


  • Additional comparison with e.g. older drivers.
  • More descriptive comparison of results increases acceptance by the test person.
  • Better differentiation in the lower performance range.



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