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Proctored mode

What exactly is the Proctored mode?

The proctored mode is the supervised, location-independent digital testing of persons. This test format, in which the test person is supervised via camera, enables responsible, secure testing, if on-site testing is not possible.



Why Proctored mode testing?

  • The manipulation of test results, by cheating for example, is largely prevented. This ensures a valid and fair result.
  • The protection of the test material is important: Tasks of performance tests that are publicly available no longer allow valid and fair psychological assessment:
    • the test only measures what it is supposed to measure if the items and thus the solutions, if any, are not known in advance
    • the comparison of different test persons becomes unfair if one test person knows the tasks but the other does not
  • Observation of behaviour during test processing provides valuable diagnostic information
  • Questions during the instruction phases (e.g. due to difficulties in understanding) can be answered immediately
  • According to DIN 33430, unattended testing should only be used as screening - i.e. only to eliminate candidates who do not meet the requirements.




Process of an Proctoring mode test



Requirements for test administrators

  • VTS online
  • Microphone
  • Videoconference Software with screen sharing for example: MS Teams, GoToMeeting, Skype or Zoom
  • Stable internet connection
  • Webcam (optional)

Requirements for test persons

  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Same videoconference software as test administrator
    for example: MS Teams, GoToMeeting, Skype or Zoom
  • Stable internet connection



icon-check As usual, you enter the data of your test person online in VTS and send the test invitation. The invitation will be sent to the e-mail address stored in your account for the Proctored mode.
icon-check In the test invitation email you will find an explanation for your test person on how the test will take place. You can adapt it to your chosen video conferencing software and forward it to the test person in good time.



icon-check Video conferencing software: The testee shares the screen and turns on the webcam so that the test administrator can see both the testee and the test screen.
icon-check You can now forward the second part of the test invitation, which contains the link to the test, to the subject or send the link to the subject via the video conferencing software (e.g. use the chat function).
icon-check Supervision of the test, reaction to questions during the test and completion of the test.


SCHUHFRIED is the synonym for high scientific quality

We can guarantee this quality for tests in Proctored mode by ensuring that the tests are actually supervised. For this reason, we ask you to commit to this when you send an invitation in Proctored mode in VTS online.

This means for you that ...

  • you never pass on the test link to the test person before a video connection is established.
  • you ensure supervision of the subject and the screen throughout the test.
  • you do not use tests for Proctored mode that are intended for Controlled mode.