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Intelligence is one of the best predictors for professional and academic success. Choose prospective students, managers, or employees for safety-relevant professions. Our intelligence tests help you to make this choice.

What do intelligence tests measure?


Intelligence tests are used to assess a respondent's intelligence. Since intelligence is just as multifaceted as humans themselves, there are quite a few different approaches for assessing it. SCHUHFRIED therefore offers a wide variety of intelligence tests that are tailored to your needs to assess exactly what you want to know.




Intelligence testing with the example of INSBAT-2:

Testing different areas of intelligence with the new edition of our classic test is easy, sound, and nuanced. INSBAT-2, the Intelligence Structure Battery-2, is the successor of INSBAT, which is the established test when it comes to challenges like admissions testing in higher education with a special performance level and large numbers of applicants.


INSBAT-2 offers you:
  • a broad range of intelligence areas: from logical reasoning to numerical and verbal abilities to long-term memory and spatial visualization ability
  • test safety and reliability in all ability groups thanks to adaptive presentation of all subtests
  • the difficulty of the test starting point and test duration can be selected freely
  • Presentation mode tailored to your needs: conventional on-site presentation or as online screening



What are intelligence tests used for?

Intelligence tests can be used for different application areas depending on the type of your assessment situation. In the HR area, these are as follows:


Academic Testing

This is an ideal solution for universities, academies, and universities of applied sciences. It is also perfect for testing large groups and selecting from a large pool of applicants (such as for admissions testing for higher education). Identify the students with the highest potential for completing their studies even before they start and benefit from a low drop-out-rate.

Are you looking for intelligence testing in the area of academic testing? Then the specially developed Intelligence Structure Battery-2 is the perfect choice:

Staff & Management

Intelligence testing supports you with evaluation professional aptitude as well as predicting professional success. At a time of skilled labor shortages, it is invaluable to be a step ahead, to recognize potential and talents early on, and to also hire them for your company as early as possible.

Do you want to identify potential of your employees and applicants? Our work-related test of cognitive competence supports you in doing just that:

Safety & Security

In some professions it is crucial to adopt a safety-oriented approach, comply with safety requirements, and take appropriate action in response to health and safety risks. Our intelligence tests in the area of safety and manufacturing help you to predict these skills.

Do you need an intelligence test to assess qualifications in safety-relevant professions? Use our inventory for testing cognitive capabilities:


- measures the intelligence level and intelligence structure
- based on Cattell-Horn-Carroll (CHC model)
- wide range of intelligence areas
- flexible test configuration


- measures occupational cognitive competence
- creates a connection to actual everyday work life
- objective: predicting professional success in everyday office life


- measures general cognitive ability and specific performance indicators
- intuitive structure
- available for presentation on smartphones and tablets



Our Vienna Test System is...



Scientifically substantiated, normed extensively

All of our tests are based on the latest findings from science and research. Test contents are developed based on proven constructs and in cooperation with renowned authors. Our tests are validated and normed extensively according to the current standards.

Standardized, objective, and fair

The computer-supported application of the tests allows for standardization of the content, process, and scoring. This ensures objectivity and fairness in the assessment of each individual because testing is independent of the supervisor. In addition, it is not possible to manipulate the results in the Vienna Test System retrospectively.

Safety and time efficiency

The standardized instructions and practice phases save time and the automated scoring prevents scoring and transfer errors. The test results can be accessed immediately after testing. 

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