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VTS online

The fastest way to access the Vienna Test System

Compact, flexible, online: A whole new Vienna Test System

Simple test management. Simple person administration. Simple test administration. Simple evaluation.

With VTS online, the browser-based VTS cloud solution, you can access all the functionality of the Vienna Test System online, as well.

We take care of installation, maintenance and updates for you so that your testing is always at the cutting edge.
You just log in to VTS online, assign your tests to the relevant respondents and let them complete the tests.

New: the VTS subscriptions, which give you individual access with many built-in features, and the SCHUHFRIED Test Assistant, which makes it easy to select tests for many different research or assessment questions.
Of course, your respondents’ data continue to be secured in accordance with the highest standards in these settings, and can be managed by you in VTS online any time. Test administration remains flexible, and the tests can be administered anywhere. The automatically generated scoring reports are also still available the moment the respondent has completed the test.



Even more user-friendliness in the Vienna Test System!


The SCHUHFRIED Selection comprises selected SCHUHFRIED tests which you can use to answer a large number of psychological assessment questions. By purchasing a VTS subscription, you automatically receive a certain number of test administrations with SCHUHFRIED Selection. Find out more in VTS Marketplace.

Test Assistant

The Test Assistant suggests the ideal test selection for your research or assessment question. Simply indicate the profession or professional group for which you would like to test. You can also expand or adapt the test recommendations as needed with tests from our SCHUHFRIED Selection. More information on the SCHUHFRIED Selection can be found here.



Digital assessment: More flexible than ever

Selection & starting in VTS Marketplace

Choose the VTS subscription that best meets your needs. Find the contents of the individual subscriptions and all VTS online functions at a glance here.

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Searching & finding in VTS Marketplace

If you would like to expand your SCHUHFRIED Selection, you can find and choose your desired tests and test sets in VTS Marketplace. Find out more about the test items, scoring elements and the dimensions underlying each test. 

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Managing & administering in VTS online

Manage your respondents, assign your tests to respondents and administer tests, with an overview of the available test administrations at all times.

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Monitoring test status & scoring results

See at a glance which of your respondents has already completed testing and which testing is still in process.
Directly after completion, the results are available as a visually attractive and well-organized scoring table.

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VTS subscriptions: The package that meets your requirements

First select the VTS subscription that meets your needs. Whether you administer testing only once in a while or work regularly with a large team, we have the right package for you.




VTS Subscriptions

Number of simultaneous users possible   3 6
Included SCHUHFRIED Selection administrations 5 240 480
Use of SCHUHFRIED Test Assistant x x x
Purchase of individual test administrations for VTS online in Marketplace x x x
Purchase of test administrations for local installations of VTS in Marketplace x x x
Test demos directly in VTS online x x x
Complete assigned preliminary testings x x x
Create and save test batteries x x x
Manage respondents x x x
Manage and process test results x x x
Online Testing (Open + Proctored Mode) x x x
Local Testing (Controlled Mode) x x x
Manuals on tests and test sets x x x
Automated back-up x x x
Updates (for VTS online) included x x x
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Please note:
VTS online is currently only available ín Europe! For any usage outside of this region, please contact our Customer Service.