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VTS online

The Vienna Test System online
Whatever the setting – classic single workstation or test system network, local solutions or testing via the internet or intranet – SCHUHFRIED has just the right system for you!

User- and operator friendly

Simple test management. Simple person administration. Simple test administration. Simple evaluation.  

Everything as usual? Not quite! The VTS online is even easier and more adaptive and offers so many advantages.

You dont have to worry about installation, maintenance or updates - we take care of that for you. You simply log into our system, assign your tests to the test persons and wait for them to complete the tests.

The test person can be managed online in the VTS, the results remain visible in a clearly arranged format. The VTS online gives you so much more.



All of this is the VTS online!

The Vienna Test System is a software tool that enables you to "work" with your data through a uniform user interface. You are not bound to a rigid test administration and test evaluation, but can make flexible adjustments according to your requirements.

The development with VTS online - a browser-based cloud solution - was the clear and obvious choice for the next generation of the VTS. You decide for yourself whether you continue to manage your data, tests and trials yourself (online or offline) or whether you place the whole management in the cloud and thus in the hands of SCHUHFRIED.

One thing remains the same: 
Simple test management. Simple person administration. Simple test administration. Simple evaluation. 


VTS Marketplace - find your test

Find and select your suitable tests and test sets in the VTS Marketplace. Find out more about the test items, the evaluation elements and the dimensions on which the test is based. 

To the VTS Marketplace



Persons and tests clearly arranged - VTS online

Manage your tests.

Assign your tests to the test persons and always keep an overview of your available test administrations.

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All results at a glance - the evaluation overview

See at a glance which person has already completed the test and which test is still in progress.

Immediately after the test, the result is available to you in an attractive and clearly structured evaluation.

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The Vienna Test System online is used to conduct and evaluate psychological tests and test sets. The test system offers easy access to the wide range of available tests, which includes both innovative new developments and computer-aided versions of proven paper-pencil versions.



VTS online - make proper use

In order to be able to use the functions of the WTS online, a registration in the form of a subscription is necessary. You can decide which subscription is right for you using the overview below.


VTS online


Tailor your VTS online subscription to your usage habits and needs. 

Would you like to learn all about our tests and test sets or purchase test for your local Vienna Test System? Then the FREE Subscription is the right choice for you. If you want to use the VTS online with all its functionalities, you need the BASIC Subscription.




Register in the Marketplace to get information about all tests and test sets (including pricing information). Try demo test for better understanding of the test items or purchase test presets for local use.





Use the Marketplace to purchase your preferred tests or test sets and administer them directly from VTS online. In VTS online you can create persons, assign tests, set up test batteries and evaluate results.





VTS online

Using the marketplace x x
Purchase tests and test-sets for VTS online in the marketplace   x
Purchase tests and test-sets for local use in the marketplace x x
Demo for tests directly in VTS online x x
Execute assigned test trials   x
Creating and saving test batteries   x
Administration of persons   x
Managing and processing test results   x
Test adminstration online (Open + proctored mode)   x
Test presentation locally (Controlled mode)   x
Manuals for tests and test sets x x
Automatic backup x x
Updates (for VTS online) included x x
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Please note:
VTS online is currently only available ín Europe! For any usage outside of this region, please contact our Customer Service.