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Our Marketplace not only offers you the opportunity to find out about our comprehensive range of tests. We also offer our customers the simple option of renewing their existing test licences and purchasing additional and new tests for existing VTS systems.

What remains the same is what we stand for: 
Simple test and people management. Simple test administration. Simple scoring. 



Step 1

You have found an interesting and suitable test for your question in Marketplace and would now like to buy it? To do this, you need to log in to the Marketplace using a Microsoft account. 

Why do I have to register for the Marketplace?

All tests and test sets are only available to professionally qualified users. This is done in order to maintain test protection for psychological test procedures and thus serves above all to ensure the quality of your work.

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Why is a Microsoft account necessary for registration?

The security and data structure of a Microsoft account is guaranteed to the highest degree worldwide. For this reason, we also use this structure for the benefit of our customers.



Step 2

If you do not yet have a Microsoft account, or if you cannot or are not allowed to use your own account for a specific reason, you can create a new account or a new e-mail address directly in the registration process.

To create a Microsoft account, you can use any e-mail address as a user name, including addresses from, Yahoo! or Gmail. For more information, visit the Microsoft website. If you don't know if you already have a Microsoft account, go to Windows Settings on your computer and select Accounts.

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Step 3

As soon as you have registered with your Microsoft account, your registration will be sent to us and once we have checked it, we will activate your account.

As this is a manual step, it can take up to half a working day, but in the meantime you can of course browse the Marketplace as usual.

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