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official partner of SCHUHFRIED

Who we are

The SCHUHFRIED Company has been developing and distributing computerized test and training systems for more than 70 years. Today the company is a global leader in the field of digital testing.

Our products

  • The Vienna Test System
    Computerized psychological assessment for recruitment and suitability assessment, to assess fitness to drive, for neuropsychological and clinical purposes, in research projects and in high-level sport.
  • CogniPlus
    A training system for improving cognitive functions. The main fields of application are rehabilitation and geriatric care.
  • Biofeedback Xpert
    The multimedia system for use in research, pain therapy, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, mental training and health management.

Our international customers

Worldwide we serve more than:

~ 530 universities

~ 2,600 clinics, hospitals and rehabilitation centers

~ 2,350 systems in use with private companies and recruitment agencies (railways, airlines, …)

~ 13 military institutions

There are many benefits in becoming a SCHUHFRIED partner:

  • A strong brand
    Provision of the established “Vienna Test System” brand. The Vienna Test System is very well known in the field of psychology.
  • Top level customer service
    • Personal partner support agent
    • Strong interest from SCHUHFRIED GmbH in a cooperative and long-term relationship
  • Sales support
    • Ongoing advice on all sales-related and product-related issues (strategic and operational)
    • Induction and ongoing training
    • Dedicated and exclusive partner access to our portal
    • Distributors’ forum for discussion with other partners
    • Regular distributors’ meetings (at least every two years)
    • Free supply of catalogs and leaflets for advertising, sales and promotion
  • Technical support
    • Free access to the Help Desk hotline for partners and their customers
    • Repair service for all accessories
  • Financial supportHow to become an official partner
    • Attractive margins on products and services
    • One Vienna Test System and one CogniPlus system provided for demonstration purposes (software)
    • 50% discount on hardware for demo systems (VTS and CPS hardware)
    • Special price for the acquisition of Biofeedback Xpert for demo purposes
    • Translations of tests and training programs into your local language (according to business plan)

We have prepared a SCHUHFRIED partnership info folder, with more material on how to become an official partner of SCHUHFRIED.