How you can work with us

There are different possibilities for cooperations


Would you be willing to provide your anonymous VTS test data to SCHUHFRIED? Do the test data meet certain criteria with regard to test selection, sample size and type, and data quality? Then contact us and benefit from our current norm initiative by creating standards free of charge, an update free of charge and, if applicable, additional free test specifications (for test data for specific test sets).

In addition, we at SCHUHFRIED are always happy to provide you with advice on the creation of (customer-specific) norms. Together with you, we agree on the type of norms to be collected and what needs to be taken into account.



Do you find yourself asking whether your tests actually measure what you want to measure? We can provide advice and practical help! Conduct your validation studies with us, using the Vienna Test System. As a SCHUHFRIED partner you enjoy many benefits and get to conduct a pre-agreed amount of tests for free. Additionally, you benefit e.g. from an instrument perfectly adapted to your needs and professional help with statistical analysis.


Cooperation with universities

SCHUHFRIED has a worldwide network of university cooperation partners. These are long-term cooperations, usually covering several areas of research, teaching and development, in which SCHUHFRIED products continuously play a central role.


Many of our products have been developed in-house; others are the result of cooperation with scientists and academics or are the work of well-known test authors (e. g. Eysenck, Beck, Sturm, Kubinger).

Here you can find an overview of our cooperation partners:

Cooperations with universities


Cooperations with companies/organisations



Dr. Schuhfried Medizintechnik (Vienna, Austria) produces and sells devices for electro- and stimulation current therapy, heat therapy, hydro therapy and diagnosis, as well as for power and endurance training.



Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry
German Research Institute of Psychiatry.



The neurologic rehabilitation centre Rosenhügel (Vienna, Austria) is a special clinic for neurological und neuropsychological rehabilitation.



The German company operates clinics and institutes in the fields of rehabilitation, acute medicine, nursing, patient care, medical trade, teaching and Research.



Experconnect (Stuttgart, Germany) enables companies the identification, individual and personal information and preparation of future senior experts to work project-based for the company after their retirement.



Neurotraffic (Austria) provides research services and consultancy in the road safety and mobility area as well as in the health sector.



Salvus s.r.o. is the largest traffic-psychological centre in Bratislava, Slovakia. It provides services from a clinical psychologist. psychological counselling and is a major provider of training courses for the general public.



The traffic-related psychological institute „sicher unterwegs“ (Vienna, Austria) has been found in 2006 and offers traffic-related psychological services like retraining, traffic safety assessments, education in mobility and traffic, and much more.



iDrive (Linz, Austria) offers traffic-related psychological services for private individuals, companies and organizations like therapeutic measures for driving anxiety, mobility consultation, traffic safety courses and much more.



The Party for Neuropsychology e.V. (Fulda, Germany) represents the interests of the certified psychologists, which are working as neuropsychologists in the field of research, in the pharmaceutical industry and in forensic area.



The BBRZ – professional education and rehabilitation centre in Linz, Austria – accompanies people after accidents or illnesses back in to the working life.



Iraqi Association for Psychotherapy



Konzulens Csoportpraxis - Töpler MRC is a hungarian company that operates outpatient service and offices, laboratories in the fields of primary medical care, occupational medicine, nursing, sleep medicine, neuropsychology, and research.