Save resources and ensure quality


Organizational matters before the test

In consultation with you, we will create a test battery for you. Subsequently, appointments are made together to which you invite the candidates. Two test rooms with 5 test places each are available. The simultaneous testing of up to 10 persons is therefore possible.

Optional: You can also give us the contact details of the candidates and we will arrange the appointments.


Procedure of the testing

The Schuhfried Test Center guarantees a friendly, professional environment. The necessary basic conditions of a digital psychological test, such as freedom from noise, sufficient lighting conditions and privacy during the test, are also taken into account. Candidates are offered the possibility to get something to drink at any time (water, coffee, soft drinks).

Before the test, candidates are given an introduction: they are informed about the aims, contents and benefits of the test. The Vienna Test System and the test procedure are also presented.

After the test, the candidates are informed about the further process (e.g. when they will be contacted by you regarding further evaluations). In addition, if they agree, the candidates will receive a feedback sheet in which they can evaluate the test and its procedure, thus ensuring a constant quality control of the assessment process.

Optional: After the testing, a feedback of the results to the candidates is offered. Candidates are explained how their characteristic values come about, what they mean and how they can be interpreted. The candidates thus get a picture of their strengths and areas of development.


Feedback of the results

You will receive a results report for each candidate, which includes a profile of strengths and development areas as well as a verbal description of the results. We can also discuss the results of the top 10 candidates with you by phone.

Optional: If required, we can discuss the results of all candidates by telephone with you. In addition, based on a pre-defined ideal profile for the respective position, a ranking of all candidates can be created and made available to you.


Legal aspects

    Data storage

    You will receive the data in the form of a written results report. Seven days after confirmation of receipt of the report, the data will be deleted by SCHUHFRIED. If you do not agree with this standard solution, another individual solution can be arranged.

    Information to candidates

    We must inform candidates that their data will be transferred to you and deleted after seven days at SCHUHFRIED. It remains to be clarified which information we should give the candidates regarding further data storage with you (e.g. data will be deleted after 6 months).