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Vienna Test System








Tests in detail

Practical application


SCHUHFRIED - passion for psychology - Who is SCHUHFRIED? What does SCHUHFRIED do?

SCHUHFRIED Safety Assessments

SCHUHFRIED customers around the world

Webinar DRIVESC2

Digital testing with the Vienna Test System

Test choice with the Vienna Test System

Retests for monitoring of progress

Test presentation and reporting with the Vienna Test System

VTS Live Presentation with CEO Gerald Schuhfried

Interview after touchscreen testing

University of Madrid - Referee Study with VTS SPORT

Interview with Jery Huang from Semperit

CFD Cognitive Functions Dementia

Setting up respondents in the Vienna Test System

Test use in the Vienna Test System

Test results in the Vienna Test System

Norms in the Vienna Test System

Data import and export in the Vienna Test System

Settings in the Vienna Test System


Vienna Test System for DFB 2007

Vienna Test System in University Bagdad

SCHUHFRIED Road Safety Assessment 2015

Traffic Psychology International Group // ESEC

El uso del Vienna Test System y del Biofeedback en el área de deporte

Critical thinking - webinar with Diane Halpern, Ph.D

ATAVT - Adaptive Tachistoscopic Traffic Perception Test

AVEM - Work-related Behaviour and Experience Patterns

B5PS - Big Five Inventory of Personality in Occupational Situations

COG - Cognitrone

CORSI - Corsi-Block-Tapping-Test

ELST - English Learning Skills Test

FGT - Figural Memory Test

INHIB - Response Inhibition

LVT - Visual Pursuit Test

MTA - Mechanical Technical Comprehension

SIGNAL - Signal Detection

SIMKAP - Simultaneous Capacity Multi-Tasking

SMART - Work-related test of cognitive competence

TMT-L - Trail Making Test - Langensteinbach Version

TOL-F - Tower of London Freiburg Version

TOM - Theory of Mind Test

VISCO - Visuoconstruction test

VISGED - Visual Memory Test

WAFG - Perception and Attention Functions: Divided Attention

WRBTV - Vienna Risk-Taking Test Traffic

ZBA - Time Movement Anticipation

Training ALERT - Attention: Alertness

Training DIVID - Attention: Divided

Training FOCUS - Attention: Focused

Training SELECT - Attention: Selective

Training SPACE - Neglect/visual field training: Visuo-spatial attention

Training VIG - Attention: Vigilance


SCHUHFRIED international

SCHUHFRIED is proud of the successful collaboration with partners from all over the world

70 years of SCHUHFRIED

We got a huge cake in the shape of a SCHUHFRIED panel

30 years Infoteste

SCHUHFRIED congratulates the portuguese partner on this anniversary

Jaques Villeneuve with Prof. Dr. Hackfort

Test author Prof. Dr. Hackfort trains with auto racing driver Villeneuve

VTS in car racing

Race driver Norman Nato practices with the VTS

Speed Academy

Rene Rast - tested with the VTS as a young sportsman, now he is an aspiring professional

VTS in sports

Austrian football club Rapid one of many satisfied users

VTS in top-class sport

Captain Steffen Hofmann (austrian football club Rapid) performs again on a high level

VTS in sports

Mario Sonnleitner (Austrian football club Rapid) is practicing with the VTS

VTS in sports

Austrian football club Rapid practices with VTS

VTS for professionals

High efficiency thanks to automatic scoring

VTS in soccer

Alessandro Faiolhe Amantino (Mancini), América Mineiro

OEFB Team 2008

The Austrian Football Nationalteam practice for European Championship in 2008

Team testing with OEFB

When testing a group of people, VTS stands its ground

Ferencváros Budapest

Digital testing in sports

Ferencváros Budapest

Highly satisfied customers in sports

Ferencváros Budapest

Efficency in group testings due to automatic scoring

PP-R in application

Peripheral Perception in sport- and traffic psychology and fields of safety assessments

ATAVT in action

To ensure safety when driving

VISCO on touch-screen

New test in field of NEURO application with intuitive handling


Testadministrator supported testing with persons having impairments in attention and concentration abilities

VTS: digital testing

Flexible testing, economic data processing and great time saving

Quick scoring

Correct test results immediately and without difficulty

Training with Biofeedback

Esteban Ocon, Formula 1 junior driver of Force India, also trains with Biofeedback Xpert

Biofeedback in sports

Optimize the training effects with BFB and VTS

Biofeedback in practice

POINTs enable a training with high flexibility

Biofeedback to relax

Basic training programs help to relax and prevent pain

Biofeedback application

Easy administration due to modular screen, database and much more...

Biofeedback in everyday life

Special training programs achieve targeted goals

Biofeedback in psychotherapy

Assess and analyze body signals in a therapy session