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Update of our studies

We've updated our NEURO, HR, TRAFFIC and SPORT studies with a bunch of completed and new studies. Request our studies selection for more information.

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Exclusive Webinar with Diane Halpern

Employers list critical thinking as one of the most highly valued skills they want from current and prospective employees (Hart Research Associates, 2015). Critical thinking requires understanding complex material at a deep level and appropriate use of thinking skills. The challenge is how to teach and assess critical thinking. The Halpern Critical Thinking Assessment (HCTA) is an authentic, reliable and valid measure to assess critical thinking. You are invited to a free webinar with Diane F. Halpern, Ph.D., award-winning author of numerous textbooks on critical thinking and the HCTA published by SCHUHFRIED. Don't miss your chance to get the latest update on the state of critical thinking research and assessment!

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Expansion of the Start-up program

The SCHUHFRIED Start-up program has been brought to life to support young entrepreneurs who want to work in the field of psychological assessment. We therefore work closely together with universities and other training centres to offer their assessment graduates the opportunity to use our Vienna Test System (including relevant tests) free of charge for a year. We are please to announce our new cooperation with the University of Padova. It is one of Europe's oldest and most prestigious universities, was founded in 1222 and consists of 32 departments.

More details about our Start-up program....

Latin-American congress of the police for traffic safety and education

The first Latin-American congress of the police for traffic safety and education (CIPSEVI) in Puente Genil, Spain, is dedicated to road safety, mobility of children and traffic education. Experts from all around the world come together to discuss solutions for institutions, economy and society on how to prevent traffic accidents even further. Moreover, there will be traffic safety exercises for children, a "road show" for adolescents and workshops for adults.
SCHUHFRIED will inform about the possibilites of digital testing in the fields of fitness to drive and sustain mobility, as well as safety asssessments for professional drivers, police and soldiers.

For more information, please visit the homepage of the congress.


The new test set CFD - Cognitive Function Dementia

SCHUHFRIED offers an innovative digital test set for the early diagnosis of dementia. It contains tests for measurement of attention, working memory, verbal learning and memory skill, information processing speed, cognitive flexibility, verbal fluency, object naming and visuoconstruction. Particular emphasis is placed on easy handling and strengthened interaction between patient and supervisor to meet the needs of test persons for the 50+ age group.

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Our new partner Vetor Editora

SCHUHFRIED continuously expands its partner network to offer digital products and services for psychological diagnosis and cognitive therapy to customers from all over the world. Our newest partner Vetor Editora is based in Brasil and exists on the market since 50 years. Vetor Editora is market leader in the publishing sector for psychological solutions in Brazil.

Press release by Vetor Editora...


Semperit optimizes its personnel processes with SCHUHFRIED

Semperit, a corporate group with international operations that specializes in the development and production of rubber products and their distribution in more than 100 countries around the world, had the chance to test the test set SAINDUSTRY for personnel selection and development in the course of a validation study performed by SCHUHFRIED. In a subsidiary in Shanghai, China, more than 100 employees were tested to identify safety-relevant personality traits, attentiveness, stress tolerance, reaction ability as well as spatial and technical comprehension. Semperit was very satisfied with the opportunities offered by the test set SAINDUSTRY as well as the usability of the Vienna Test System and will implement it into the process of their personnel selection and development.

Our manufacturing & safety assessments – Industry...

Interview with Jery Huang from Semperit about the testing...

SCHUHFRIED‘s CogniPlus research initiative

Providing scientific evidence is important, especially when it comes to the effectiveness of cognitive training programs. Therefore, we launched the CogniPlus research initiative to gather further evidence that cognitive training with CogniPlus is effective in various fields of application. SCHUHFRIED is specifically interested in the effects of cognitive training for healthy, younger and elder people as well as patients with specific neurological or psychiatric diseases.

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A whole bunch of new norms 

Large samples are the key to meaningful interpretation of test scores. Thus it is important for SCHUHFRIED to collect und prepare current data.
The Vienna Test System has been updated with new norms of Indian truck drivers, as well as French and German traffic psychology related clientele. There are also new norms available of elderly persons and teenagers in Germany, as well as of professional drivers and candidates for becoming professional drivers in Slovakia and Poland. New norms of motorsport racers and teenagers in Germany were integrated in the Vienna Test System as well. 

Not the norms you are looking for? We can draw up norms specifically for you.

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A high level of acceptance of digital tests with elderly drivers in the Vienna Test System

A study supervised by Prof. Dr. Banse aims to identify the ideal combination of tests for multivariate prediction or diagnosis of elderly drivers’ fitness to drive. It also aims to identify the level of acceptance of digital tests with elderly drivers in the Vienna Test System. Conspicuous drivers aged between 50 and 80+ years are the focus of the study. 

The acceptance of digital tests in the Vienna Test System to diagnose the fitness to drive is on a very high level with elderly drivers that have little to no experience with computers.

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Coca-Cola HBC Austria praises the Vienna Test System HR

The company combines the tests SMART and B5PS in the course of personnel selection and thus captures the ability and personality aspects of their candidates in a fast and uncomplicated way. Coca-Cola HBC Austria appreciates the structured and clearly arranged sales report, as well as the comfortable possibility of an online test which saves their candidates the journey to their headquarters. The quality of the product and the competent consultation contributes to a better selection of the candidates, says Coca-Cola HBC Austria.

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SK Rapid at the SCHUHFRIED Test Centre

The professional players of the austrian football club Rapid stand out due to their sophisticated ball technique, intelligent game plan, quick reactions and a strong team spirit. Their success is based on a customized physical and mental training. To get the most out of the players, it is important to recognize and support their abilities in time. The tests in the SCHUHFRIED Test Centre offer a clear profile of the player’s individual strengths and visualize one’s performance improvements - even on this high level. 

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CEO Gerald Schuhfried has been appointed President of ETPG

ETPG – The European Test Publishers Group – is a trade association of European test publishers that is dedicated to promote high quality psychometric testing practices in Europe. The ETPG has grown steadily since its foundation in 1991. The group encourages interchange between its pan-European members and contributes to scientific, professional and societal debates on the role of psychological testing across Europe.
As part of the presidency, SCHUHFRIED will be hosting the annual meeting of ETPG in Vienna in 2017.
Gerald Schuhfried’s appointment recognizes SCHUHFRIED’s position as market leader in digital testing and key player in the European test publishing industry.

More about ETPG

VISCO in neurological psychology: The new test by SCHUHFRIED

VISCO measures your patient’s visuoconstruction ability. Perceiving and processing spatial information is an important basic ability of the human brain. It is essential for orientation in everyday life, in the control of goal-directed movements, in the use of tools and in recognizing patterns of signs in the environment. VISCO assesses visuoconstructive impairments in neurological patients with different disorders.

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New BFB Xpert: innovative and wireless

Biofeedback Xpert is the all-in-one package that provides everything that biofeedback trainers and therapists need in their everyday work. The training programs can be used for relaxation but also for rehabilitation. Depending on your specific needs, you can measure all relevant physiological parameters, including respiration, skin conductance, temperature, heart rate variability, pulse, muscle tension and motility.

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SCHUHFRIED start-up program: Support young entrepreneurs

Would you like to assist your graduates on their way to self-employment? For universities and other educational institutions, SCHUHFRIED offers a cooperation that gives graduates the opportunity to work with the Vienna Test System at no charge for one year. Find out how you as an institution can benefit from this program.

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SCHUHFRIED Science Portal: Send in your proposal and benefit

You are teaching or conducting a scientific thesis and would like SCHUHFRIED products to support you? Then the SCHUHFRIED Science Portal is the place for you! No matter if you are a student or an employee at a scientific institution: Contact us and introduce your work to us!

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Test authors at SCHUHFRIED: Together for science

Successful projects often have their roots in strong cooperation. We at SCHUHFRIED are proud of the fact that we already developed innovative tests with more than 100 international test authors. That is why, we are happy to offer a virtual platform to these well-respected scientists in the field of psychological assessment. Meet the people behind the tests and be inspired by what they have to say!

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COMPRO is now available in English!

Our tests are continually being translated into additional languages!
Interested? Find out more about COMPRO!
Extended Report for Test-Set Safety Assessment Aviation (SAAIR)
The Report of the test evaluation for the Test-Set Safety Assessment Aviation (SAAIR) was extended by the Chapter "summary of strengths and areas of development" which includes the results concerning resilience and stress tolerance, cognitive abilities, sensomotor functions and attention.


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