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How you can work with us

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Cooperation with universities

We care about the next generation of scientists. So we want to give individuals who are training in psychological assessment the opportunity to see for themselves how theories of psychological testing are put into practice. We therefore offer universities a customized package at exceeding conditions
This includes the Vienna Test System with a selected list of tests, that are most suited for teaching purposes. Let your students gain practical experience of working with psychological tests and contact us for your individual offer!

Start-up program

Supporting young entrepreneurs who want to work in psychological assessment is important to us. We therefore offer your assessment graduates the opportunity to use our Vienna Test System (including relevant tests) free of charge for a year. This means that your graduates can embark on their professional career without incurring major investment costs.
Be a part of this opportunity: the Süd-West-Akademie für Neuropsychologie (SWAN), the Psychologische Hochschule Berlin in Germany, the Austrian Sigmund Freud University in Vienna (SFU) and the University of Padova are the first of many to offer this possibilty to their graduates.


We at SCHUHFRIED are happy to assist you in an advisory capacity and undertake calculation of the norms. With you we decide on the type of norms that should be collected. They may be norms representative of the whole population or convenience samples. We have developed the “norm upload concept” to support data collection. This enables you to send us a large number of test results for analysis very quickly.



Do you find yourself asking whether your tests actually measure what you want to measure? We can provide advice and practical help! Conduct your validation studies with us, using the Vienna Test System. As a SCHUHFRIED partner you enjoy many benefits and get to conduct a pre-agreed amount of tests for free. Additionally, you benefit e.g. from an instrument perfectly adapted to your needs and professional help with statistical Analysis.

Interested? We look forward to hearing from you by email or by telephone on +43 (0)2236 42315!