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icon-check We can adapt our products to your needs.
icon-check We can offer you our know-how in test development and psychometrics.
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Develop new tests

You would like to test a certain area but cannot find a test in our portfolio?

You need a supplementary test or additional questionnaire in the Vienna Test System?

We design and construct tailor-made tests for you. A new state-of-the-art test will, of course, be standardised and validated. With this individual solution, we ensure that you receive exactly the information you need to make well-founded decisions.

  • Conception and development of the tasks together with you or by our experienced SCHUHFRIED test developers
  • Standardization and validation from SCHUHFRIED's own Research Center or directly with your own test subjects

Create your own standards (norms) just for you

Have you noticed that your applicants always get very high or very low results?
Would you would like to use your data to improve your differential diagnostics?

Calculating your own norm sample is often possible with less test data than many people think. This allows you to compare your future test subjects with groups you have tested. This is recommended, for example, if the representative norm sample does not differentiate sufficiently well between your applicants and you obtain very similar results, or if you want to use patient data to carry out differential diagnostics or severity classifications.

  • Calculation of your individual norm sample, which can be installed in your Vienna Test System
  • Use of the customer-specific standard (norms), but of course also the representative standard (norms) and all incident samples in the Vienna Test System

Create reports for your tests

Would you like to save time when preparing expert opinions?
Or would you like to give candidates written feedback after the selection test?

With the help of reports, the Vienna Test System offers you the possibility of automated verbal interpretation of the test results. To this end, we work together with you to agree on your requirements, make a proposal and develop the entire report for you, from design in your corporate identity to the results-dependent text blocks. All texts are tailored to the report's target group, so that, for example, candidates receive a simple explanation that is understandable for laypersons. In addition to the results, you can also provide candidates with automated training suggestions for improving development areas in the report.

  • Define the requirements and target groups of the report
  • Creation of a report proposal and incorporation of your feedback
  • Provision of your report template for your Vienna Test System

Digitize your tests

You use a company-specific knowledge test or a patient questionnaire and of course you do not want to do without it in the Vienna Test System?

If you are already using tests or questionnaires that you would like to integrate into the Vienna Test System, we would be happy to advise you on the technical implementation and carry it out for you.

  • Programming of tests or questionnaires including automated evaluation in the Vienna Test System.
  • Perhaps you would like to take advantage of the moment and optimise your tests by standardising or validating them yourself? We can also make this possible for you in our own SCHUHFRIED Research Center.
  • Your tests or questionnaires can be translated using the high-quality translation processes of SCHUHFRIED Translation Management

Create new tasks for tests

You want to use high quality tests from our test inventory but at the same time you want assurances that others cannot use the same tasks as you do?
Or do you want to repeat tests but there is no parallel form available?

We would be happy to provide you with your own version of selected tests. You also have the option of defining whether parallel versions with equivalent difficulties should be used or whether the new tasks should cover a certain range of difficulties (e.g. for entrance examinations with a high level of achievement).

  • Development of new tasks according to the design rationale of an existing test by our experienced SCHUHFRIED test developers
  • Implementation of the tasks in the Vienna Test System by SCHUHFRIED software developers
  • Standardization and validation from SCHUHFRIED's own Research Center

You found something interesting?
You can't quite imagine it yet?

Contact us to find out how our test services can answer your individual questions.

Develop new tests
Integrate tests
Digitize tests
Customise tests
Survey norms
Generate reports
External testing
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