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UFB The Uncertainty Questionnaire

R. Ullrich & R. Ullrich


Assesses social anxiety and social competence.
This test has been developed specifically for experimental research in connection with training in self-confidence and social skills. The questionnaire enables comparison scores to be obtained during therapeutic measures and evaluated. UFB is therefore used in clinical neuropsychology.


Using a six-point answer scale, respondents indicate the extent to which particular statements apply to them. The previous answer can be corrected once.

Test forms

One test form.


The following main variables are scored:

  • Failure and fear of criticism: Measure of social anxiety in terms of disgrace, failure, criticism and public attention.
  • Contact anxiety: Measure of social anxiety in terms of difficulty with expressions of affection, shyness and inhibition when dealing with the opposite sex, fear of obligation and dependency and constant thoughts of being a burden to others.
  • Ability to demand: Measure of social competence in terms of the ability to make demands and assert them. This involves self-confidence, decisiveness, trust in one’s own judgment and critical ability.
  • Inability to say no: Extent of the tendency to give in to other people’s demands.
  • Guilt feelings: Extent of the feelings of guilt that arise if material demands of others, especially of needy or helpful people, cannot be met.
  • Decorum: Extent of over-courteous adherence to norms and of excessive embarrassment with regard to situations in which these rules of decorum may have been breached.

Scoring elements

Working time
Confidence interval
Profile analysis
Test protocol
Item analysis protocol
Progress chart
Special diagrammatic representation of results
Personalized Word report
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Test type

Clinical Tests

Test information

language-free item material
parallel test form
conforms to the Rasch-model
additional device required
high level of test security
wide norm spectrum
test form available for online presentation - open mode
links to CogniPlus
supervisor-supported testing




approx. 15–20 minutes


Norms for ages 14+.

Special features

Special norms for mentally ill people available.