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SFCALL Success Factors Call Center



The test set SFCALL Success Factors Call Center assesses cognitive abilities and personality traits relevant to successful call center work and is thus useful in the selection of call center staff. It tests cognitive abilities relevant to this occupational group, such as multi-tasking and verbal abilities, and personality characteristics such as frustration tolerance and conscientiousness. For each candidate the scoring system provides not only the individual test results but also an overall score that takes account of all the tests and indicates the degree of fit to the ideal profile (the “FIT score”) for both inbound and outbound activities. In addition, on the basis of the FIT scores a ranking of all the candidates can be drawn up.
While other assessment tools such as assessment centers or CV analysis can yield information about candidates’ behavioral repertoire either now or in the past, psychological tests focus on people’s permanent and fundamental characteristics. This enables their potential to be identified. The SFCALL test set is therefore an economical means of obtaining important information that can make a valuable contribution to corroboration of a decision. The hit rate is thus maximized, the turnover rate is kept low and employee satisfaction is increased.


The dimensions of this test set were selected on the basis of a requirements analysis. SFCALL has been validated in a large German call center using criteria such as decision-maker contacts, productivity, orders and cancellation rate: it has good predictive ability for these call center success factors. The validation study involved 122 call center staff handling both inbound and outbound calls.


  • Table with raw scores, percentile ranks and confidence intervals
  • Profile
  • Written report with profile diagram, verbal description of the individual results and details of the FIT score for rapid assessment of the test results and their implications for the respondent’s suitability.


The SFCALL test set comprises the following dimensions and tests:
Dimensions Tests Testform/Subtests Duration in minutes
Total length if all dimensions are presented approx. 61
Cognitive abilities
Performance level AHA Coding symbols approx. 8
Multi-tasking SIMKAP S2 approx. 18
Verbal ability INSSV S2 approx. 7
Aspiration level AHA Coding symbols see above
Frustration tolerance AHA Coding symbols see above
Conscientiousness BFSI S1 approx. 6
Quality of work in unfavorable working conditions BACO Unfavorable working conditions approx. 17
Stress tolerance SIMKAP S2 see above
Customer orientation
Good-naturedness BFSI S1 approx. 1
Empathy in customer contact SKASUK approx. 2
Striving for social acceptance SKASUK approx. 2

Test information

cross-test scoring
cross-test norming
cross-test validation
based on statutory requirements
test(s) specifically adapted for test set
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