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SAROAD Safety Assessment Road



The test set SAROAD Safety Assessment Road assesses the driving-related ability and personality factors of professional drivers, whether aspiring or already active.
It combines a number of ability and personality dimensions that have been shown in various validation studies to be the most relevant. From a large number of dimensions that were considered, the ones that represent the best mix of information gain and testing time were selected. The tests in the test set yield important information about driving-specific ability and personality factors that cannot be reliably obtained using other suitability assessment tools.
Test administration is simple and efficient. SAROAD makes it possible to create a ranking to provide a rapid overview of the best candidates. The test set can also be used to identify the training needs of experienced professional drivers – for example after an accident or critical incident. SAROAD is used worldwide, and is a classic amongst test sets.


From a scientific point of view, the choice of dimensions for the SAROAD test set is based on the so-called "GDE matrix" (GDE = Goals for Driver Education). On the basis of this, the test set assesses the following dimensions: Vehicle operation, coping with critical situations, analyzing and understanding situations and safety-relevant personality.
The suitability of the dimensions for predicting driving behavior was evaluated in a validation study with a large sample (125 professional drivers), and confirmed by relating the test results to three practical driving exercises (real driving, maneuvering course and obstacle course).


  • Table with raw scores, percentile ranks and confidence intervals.
  • Profile
  • Written report with profile diagram, verbal description of the individual results and details of the four FIT scores (one score per dimension) for rapid assessment of the test results and their implications for the respondent’s suitability. The report also gives the HR manager a structured interview guide that makes for quick and easy preparation of the interview. In accordance with the test results, specific measures designed to optimally develop the applicant's potential are proposed in the individual presentation of training possibilities. 


The SAROAD test set comprises the following dimensions and tests:
Dimensions Tests Testform/Subtests Duration in minutes
Total length if all dimensions are presented approx. 57
Vehicle operation
Concentration COG S11 approx. 10
Reaction ability, simple RT S3 approx. 6
Coping with critical situations
Obtaining an overview - traffic ATAVT S5/S6 approx. 8
Stress tolerance, reactive DT S1 approx. 6
Analyzing and understanding situations
Logical reasoning AMT S4 approx. 15
Safety-Relevant Personality
Mental stability IVPE-R S1 approx. 3
Sense of responsibility IVPE-R S1 approx. 3
Self-control IVPE-R S1 approx. 3
Risk avoidance IVPE-R S1 approx. 3

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