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SFTEAM Success Factors Teamsport



The test set SFTEAM Success Factors Teamsport assesses ability and personality dimensions relevant to various types of team sport.
The test set is therefore very useful for selecting players for team sports such as football, basketball, hockey or handball and is the ideal complement to tests that assess abilities specific to particular sports.
An ideal profile provides a detailed structure pattern for the player’s relevant characteristics. Whether a respondent fits the target profile can be calculated and displayed in comparison to other players in the form of a ranking.


The selection of dimensions took place in two stages. First, relevant ability and personality dimensions that can help to distinguish between players in different ability classes were identified on the basis of theoretical considerations. In this case these dimensions are the individual’s attention, cognitive abilities, reaction behavior, visual functions and personality. The most suitable test for assessing each dimension was then selected. In a second step, these tests were used in a validation study at Vienna University. This involved administering a test battery to 225 players in various positions, such as strikers, midfield players and goalkeepers. On the basis of this study, ideal profiles for the players’ personality and skills were defined.


  • Table with raw scores, percentile ranks and confidence intervals.
  • Profile
  • Written report with profile and verbal description of the individual results.


The SFTEAM test set comprises the following dimensions and tests:
Dimensions Tests Testform/Subtests Duration in minutes
Total length if all dimensions are presented approx. 117
Focused attention SIGNAL S3 approx. 25
Cognitive abilities
Anticipation of movement ZBA S1 approx. 25
Memory VISGED S11 approx. 13
Information processing speed TMT-L S1 approx. 2
Interference STROOP S7 approx. 15
Reaction behavior and visual functions
Stress tolerance, reactive DT S1 approx. 6
Visual perception LVT S2 approx. 13
Ability to react RT S3 approx. 6
Modesty BFSI S1 approx. 1
Discipline BFSI S1 approx. 1
Assertiveness BFSI S1 approx. 1
Ambition BFSI S1 approx. 1
Emotional robustness BFSI S1 approx. 1
Equanimity BFSI S1 approx. 1
Helpfulness BFSI S1 approx. 1
Openness of the value and norm system BFSI S1 approx. 1
Openness to feelings BFSI S1 approx. 1
Sense of duty BFSI S1 approx. 1
Social confidence BFSI S1 approx. 1
Dynamism BFSI S1 approx. 1

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