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SCHUHFRIED‘s CogniPlus research initiative

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Our goal

SCHUHFRIED stands for scientific quality. Providing scientific evidence is important, especially when it comes to the effectiveness of cognitive training programs. Therefore, we launched the CogniPlus research initiative. The goal of this initiative is to find partners which support us in gathering further evidence that cognitive training with CogniPlus is effective in various fields of application.

Your benefit

  • Use all CogniPlus training programs free of charge during the study
  • Use specific tests from the Vienna Test System free of charge during the study
  • Use SCHUHFRIED’s response panels free of charge during study
  • Evaluate your current treatment program
  • Integrate CogniPlus into your research
  • Expand your treatment program by using CogniPlus


Our focus

Effects of cognitive training vary depending on the trainee, the cognitive function being trained and the training procedure. SCHUHFRIED is specifically interested in the effects of cognitive training for healthy, younger (aged between 7 and 29 years) and elder people (>50 years) as well as patients with specific neurological or psychiatric diseases. Moreover, your study may also focus on certain cognitive functions such as working memory.

Requirements on study design

  • Pre and post training evaluation with standardized assessment using the Vienna Test System
  • Additional data collection with a control group (without computer-aided cognitive training)
  • Intensive, standardized training procedure (3 – 5 times a week; each training 20 minutes minimum)
  • Minimum sample size of 30 people per group
  • Data collection finished within a year


Are you interested in contributing to this initiative? Are there any open questions? Please contact David Brieber (brieber@schuhfried.at) or Maximilian Eder (eder@schuhfried.at)


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