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With Academic Testing Assessments from SCHUHFRIED

Academic Testing

Do you want to identify the applicants likely to achieve the best results? Are economical selection procedures important to you? And all of this at a fair price? We have the perfect solution!
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The Vienna Test System and its associated tests provide a proven, simple and cost-effective tool for university entrance testing. When faced with a large number of applicants, scientifically based tests can identify those most likely to complete their course and achieve good results, thereby keeping the student drop-out rate as low as possible.

You can integrate the Vienna Test System into your university’s IT infrastructure, which means that you can draw up and include your own knowledge test and/or specific test batteries for particular courses. Take advantage of our know-how and improve your processes!

Contact us and learn more about the specific advantages in your individual field of application.

Assessments for decision-makers

icon-check Always up to date – take advantage of our current norms or integrate your own.
icon-check Efficient data management through central collection of all test results.
icon-check Maximum flexibility – integrate the Vienna Test System into your IT infrastructure.
icon-check Automated and easy-to-understand scorings with clearly set out results, individual reports, detailed profiles and ranking function.



Depending on the issue under consideration, different dimensions can be measured, e.g.:

  • Problem-solving ability (e.g. COMPRO)
  • Logical reasoning (e.g. INSBAT)
  • Frustration tolerance (e.g. BFSI)
  • Learning ability (e.g. INSBAT)



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