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Set to your needs

Choose the test setting for your specific needs

Select your appropriate test format

Testing without installation, without administration software and without server rental. You pay only for the actual tests used. To do this you register at the SCHUHFRIED marketplace, select the required tests or test sets and then administer these tests directly via VTS online.

And you also have the choice of the type of administration you need or prefer:

Open mode

You email the testee a link which they can use to start working the test(s). When the tests have been completed, the results are available immediately for example in the form of a standardized PDF report in the VTS online.

Proctored mode

You supervise the digital testing directly via a camera. This test format also enables location-independent testing in a responsible, secure framework in accordance with legal requirements.

>> more on Proctored mode


Controlled mode

Test presentation is started directly on your computer. Because you, the supervisor, are the only person with access to the login data, only you can select the tests and administer them. This means that you know exactly who is taking the test. You can view the test results in the VTS online.



Choose your suitable test environment

Whether classic individual or group systems, local solutions or via the internet / intranet - SCHUHFRIED has the right solution for every desired setting!

Local installation

The Vienna Test System is installed on a computer locally and is not connected to a network (internet or intranet). This is a classic single workstation involving a supervisor who administers the tests and a person who completes the test.


Your local PC is linked as a client to the SCHUHFRIED server, where your Vienna Test System database is saved. You can decide whether to use VTS online or Azure. Over 1,000 simultaneous accesses are possible.

Group testing via a test system network

If you plan to test a number of people simultaneously, it is worth setting up a server solution. The server solution in the Vienna Test System is based on the client-server model. You use the “client” (a supervisor PC and/or a test presentation PC) to access the features of the VTS administration software and present tests. All data (candidate details, test batteries, test results, etc.) is saved in a central database on the server. The supervisor’s computer and the candidates’ computers are connected to the server via the internet or intranet.

Floating licenses

In addition to the license for the VTS server solution, you can specify licenses for the required number of parallel accesses (floating licenses) to the administration software, test presentation and the tests themselves. The use of floating licenses enables you and your colleagues to use the VTS software at multiple locations worldwide without the need to purchase a separate license for each workstation. Contact us for more information. We will find the best solution for your needs.

Testing on the tablet

Mobile testing is now possible on a Windows tablet or anywhere where there is an internet connection. Contact us for details of which tests are suitable for presentation on a touch-screen and what the technical requirements are.