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SCHUHFRIED has once again proved to be the front runner in the field of digital psychometric assessment – this time as a result of its in-house development of test-specific input devices. In so doing SCHUHFRIED also opens up the special field of time-critical tests.

And SCHUHFRIED hardware enables sensorimotor processes (eye-hand-(foot) coordination; fine motor skills) and peripheral perception to be included in the extensive range of digital tests. Among the particularly precise tests, the DT Determination Test has led the way.

Test-specific devices and keyboards

Most of the tests in the Vienna Test System (VTS) can be worked using the mouse and keyboard, or in some cases even a touchscreen.

The relevant system requirements can be found here. To achieve the required precision in the order of milliseconds, special input devices or accessories are strongly recommended.

Input devices: response panels

Two ergonomic keyboards boost the motivation and acceptance of test-takers who lack confidence in using the computer, mouse or touchscreen.

Advanced response panel
SCHUHFRIED advanced response panel

  • 7 color keys, 10 number keys, 1 sensor key
  • 2 twist buttons
  • Connection for foot-operated keys
  • Connection for foot pedals (analog)
  • Sound generator (loudspeaker)
  • Connection for headset (speaker and microphone)
  • USB connection to PC or laptop

Universal response panel
SCHUHFRIED universal response panel

  • 7 color keys, 10 number keys, 1 sensor key
  • 2 twist buttons
  • 2 analog joysticks
  • 2 joystick guides
  • Connection for foot-operated keys
  • Connection for foot pedals (analog)
  • Sound generator (loudspeaker)
  • Connection for headset (speaker and microphone)
  • USB connection to PC or laptop

The response panels can also be used as input devices for CogniPlus.

Motor Performance Series

SCHUHFRIED Shttps://www.schuhfried.com/test/MLS

The Motor Performance Series is a highly reliable test that has been developed from Fleishman's factor analysis of fine motor skills. Both dynamic and static dimensions of finger/hand/arm movement are measured.

The MLS Work Panel features:

  • Holes of different diameters for steadiness, one- and two-handed
  • A groove with several bends and angles for line tracking, one-handed
  • 2 x 20 contact points for aiming, one- and two-handed
  • 25 small holes on both left and right sides for inserting pins, one- and two-handed
  • Two small metal plates for tapping, one- and two-handed
  • USB connection

Used in: MLS Motor Performance Series

Flicker tube

SCHUHFRIED flicker tube

The flicker frequency analysis measures CNS activation (arousal).

  • Stimulus light 10.0 – 80.0 Hz in steps of 0.1 Hz
  • Minimal influence of extraneous physiological and physical variables

Used in: FLIM Flicker/Fusion Frequency

Peripheral Perception

SCHUHFRIED Peripheral Perception

The Peripheral Perception test measures the ability to perceive and process peripheral stimuli.

The respondent's attention is held in the center of the field of view by asking him to carry out a tracking task. At the same time peripheral light stimuli are presented and the respondent is required to react selectively to these.


Used in: PP-R Peripheral Perception

Foot-operated keys and foot pedals

The foot-operated keys are connected to the rear of the response panel.

They are used in a number of tests, including all the VTS –TRAFFIC tests, …

Used in: DT, SMK and various test sets

SCHUHFRIED foot-operated keys
Foot-operated keys (left & right)
SCHUHFRIED foot pedals
Foot pedals (left & right)


Convertible with CFS Test

For some tests of the Vienna Test System, it is advantageous to use a convertible (notebook/tablet combination) for testing. When folded down, the display can be used like an ordinary tablet.

This makes it possible to present tests and score the results on one device.

  • Easier test administrator <=> client interaction
  • Easier investigation of clients with limited mobility
  • Age-appropriate test environment - optimized for 50+

Recommendation: CFD test set + individual tests

Further system requirements can be found here.

Calibration tool

SCHUHFRIED Calibration tool

In order to be certain of stable and reliable test results, it is essential to calibrate the input device used for time-critical tests.

Recommendation: Time-critical tests

For the CFD test set both the picture and the sound must be calibrated correctly.


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