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DIMENSION Subdimension Test in
Working accuracy vs. working speed Long form DAKT S1
Short form DAKT S2
Vigilance visual WAF S1
auditory WAF S1
Cognitive abilities
Work-realted cognitive skills Long form SMART S1
Short form SMART S2
Anticipation of movement ZBA S1
Knowledge of English Reading comprehension ELST S1
Grammar ELST S1
Vocabulary ELST S1
Memory Short-term VISGED S11
Long-term LAMBDA-2 S1
Logical reasoning Short form INSSV-R S2
Adaptive Long form INSSV-R S1
Multi-tasking SIMKAP S2
Numerical ability Short form INSSV-R S2
Adaptive Long form INSSV-R S1
Spatial ability A3DW S2
Spelling skills WRST S1
Technical comprehension MTA S1
Verbal ability Short form INSSV-R S2
Adaptive long form INSSV-R S1
Reaction behaviour and visual functions
Stress tolerance, reactive DT S1
Peripheral perception PP-R S1
Ability to react Simple, reaction speed RT S3
Simple, motor speed RT S3
Complex, reaction speed MDT S2
Complex, motor speed MDT S2
Obtaining an overview - traffic Right-hand traffic ATAVT S1
Left-hand traffic ATAVT S2
Visual perception LVT S2
Sensomotor functions
Eye-hand coordination Two-dimensional 2HAND S3
Three-dimensional SMK S1
Work-related aspects of personality
Resilience Short form BFSI S1
Long form B5PS S3
Extraversion Short form BFSI S1
Long form B5PS S3
Flexibility Short form BFSI S1
Long form B5PS S3
Frustration tolerance AHA S1
Leadership Reaction to frustration and criticism MAP S1
Striving for contact MAP S1
Attitude to others MAP S1
Teamworking MAP S1
Working style MAP S1
Task preference MAP S1
Reaction to failure MAP S1
Willingness to work under pressure MAP S1
Leadership motivation MAP S1
Leadership dynamic MAP S1
Leadership focus MAP S1
Leadership basis MAP S1
Conscientiousness Short form BFSI S1
Long form B5PS S3
Interests Vocational identity MOI S2
Realistic interests MOI S2
Investigative interests MOI S2
Artistic interests MOI S2
Social interests MOI S2
Enterprising interests MOI S2
Conventional interests MOI S2
Customer orientation Extraversion in customer contact SKASUK S1
Empathy in customer contact SKASUK S1
Self-monitoring SKASUK S1
Frustration tolerance in customer contact SKASUK S1
Striving for social acceptance SKASUK S1
Achievement motivation in customer contact SKASUK S1
Motivation to help SKASUK S1
Dominance SKASUK S1
Motivation Hope for success MMG S1
Fear of failure MMG S1
Hope for control MMG S1
Fear of loss of control MMG S1
Hope for acceptance MMG S1
Fear of rejection MMG S1
Stress & burnout Subjective importance of work AVEM S1
Work-related ambition AVEM S1
Willingness to work until exhausted AVEM S1
Striving for perfection AVEM S1
Distancing ability AVEM S1
Tendency to resignation in the face of failure AVEM S1
Proactive problem-solving AVEM S1
Inner calm/balance AVEM S1
Experience of success at work AVEM S1
Satisfaction with life AVEM S1
Experience of social support AVEM S1
Team orientation Short form BFSI S1
Long form B5PS S3