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Manufacturing & safety – Industry

Maximum safety: our standard, your benefit.

Are you looking for greater certainty in the selection of qualified staff for the industrial sector? Are work trials not objective enough for you? Be on the safe side with our products!

Because erroneous decisions in the selection of technical staff (e.g. mechanical engineers, electricians, operators of complex machinery, process engineers at large plants) and people who perform monitoring tasks can have serious consequences, assessing safety-related aspects is particularly important. It creates a stable basis for reducing accidents at work, increasing efficiency by preventing mistakes and hence reducing costs.

SCHUHFRIED tests provide you with a reliable and economic picture of the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate or member of staff. Our comprehensive range of tests can be used in many different situations and can, for example, help predict accident prevention, safety or productivity. Use this economical method of increasing the strike rate of suitable applicants.

Assessments for greater safety

Wide range of high-quality tests for the selection of staff in the industrial sector.

  • Assessment of skills and characteristics specifically needed in industry.
  • Easily understood and often non-verbal test presentation.
  • Test instructions available in up to 27 languages.
  • Automated and easy-to-understand scorings with clearly set out results, individual reports, detailed profiles and ranking function.


Depending on the issue under consideration, different dimensions can be measured, e.g.:

  • Eye-hand coordination (e.g. 2HAND)
  • Vigilance (WAFV)
  • Fine motor skills (MLS)
  • Mechanical-technical comprehension (e.g. MTA)
  • Cognitive competence (e.g. AMT)
  • Reactive stress tolerance (e.g. DT)
  • Reaction ability (RT)
  • Accuracy (DAKT)
  • Conscientiousness (e.g. BFSI)
  • Aspiration level (AHA)

HR dimensions at a glance