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Manufacturing & safety – Mines

Your strong partner for greater safety in mining

Would you like to achieve greater certainty in your aptitude testing? And at a fair price? Would you like to reduce the costs of both applicant selection and regular performance monitoring? SAMINE is the perfect tool!

Safe working in mines requires consistent peak performance from both people and machines. As a result of continuous technical development, fewer and fewer accidents are caused by mechanical failures. By contrast, the human factor must be viewed with an increasingly critical eye. It is essential that people not only handle routine work efficiently but also react quickly and correctly in an emergency.

In SAMINE we have developed a product that meets these demanding standards. The test set is an economical and effective tool for assessing the cognitive and psychomotor abilities needed for safe and productive working in the mining industry. SAMINE can be used in both recruitment and continuous assessment of mine workers in order to ensure that applicants and existing workers have the capacity to work safely. Reduce your mining company’s accident rate with SAMINE!

Assessments for greater safety

  • Range of high-quality tests specifically for selecting transport drivers and machine operators. All tests have been extensively validated.
  • Selection of the dimensions used in SAMINE is based partly on theoretical considerations and partly on analysis of the tasks performed by transport drivers and machine operators in the mining sector.
  • No computer knowledge needed to take the tests.
  • Automated and easy-to-understand scorings with clearly set out results, individual reports, detailed profiles and FIT scores (overall score).


The SAMINE test set assesses the following cognitive and psychomotor ability dimensions:



Duration in minutes

Reaction behavior

Reaction ability, simple 


approx. 6

Stress tolerance, reactive


approx. 15

Sensomotor functions    

Eye-hand coordination


approx. 6

Visual processing

Anticipation of movement            


approx. 9

Total duration:

approx. 36