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Manufacturing & safety – police and security

Let an experienced partner help you improve certainty at work

Are you looking for greater certainty at a fair price in recruiting for the police and security? Would you like to reduce drop-out costs during and after expensive employee training? Be on the safe side with our products!
Work in the police and similar security-related professions involves high levels of both physical and mental stress. Because choosing the wrong person for the job can have serious consequences, it is particularly important in this field to select suitable applicants and to promote staff in accordance with their potential. In addition, careful pre-selection of candidates reduces training costs and prevents high staff turnover.

SCHUHFRIED tests provide you with a reliable and economic picture of the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate or member of staff. Our wide range of products means that you can use the tests in many different situations. Whether your interest is in recruitment, suitability testing or psychological tests for individuals – improve your processes now!

Assessments for greater safety

  • Wide range of high-quality tests for the selection of candidates for the police and similar security-related jobs.
  • Objectivity and standardization through specific norms for different occupational groups.
  • Suitable for a wide range of uses: selection of drivers of emergency vehicles; helicopter pilots; clinical reports.
  • Efficient selection even from a large number of candidates.
  • Personalization through integration of own tests, own norms and interfaces.
  • Automated and easy-to-understand scorings with clearly set out results, individual reports and detailed profiles.


Depending on the issue under consideration, different dimensions can be measured, e.g.:

  • Anticipation of movement (e.g. ZBA)
  • Multi-tasking (e.g. SIMKAP)
  • Obtaining an overview (LVT)
  • Reactive stress tolerance (DT)
  • Mental stability (e.g. BFSI)
  • Choice reaction behavior (e.g. RT)
  • Vigilance (WAFV)
  • Spatial perception (A3DW):
  • Stress tolerance (SIMKAP)

HR dimensions at a glance