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Reliable selection, safe driving

Are you looking for greater certainty in selecting your professional drivers? Do you need a tool that can be used both for recruitment and for staff development purposes? Make reliable choices with SAROAD!

More than 90% of all traffic accidents are attributed to human error (Gelau, Gasser & Seeck, 2012). To improve safety on the roads, special attention must therefore be paid to the human factor. In the world’s largest validation study for traffic safety, which was conducted by SCHUHFRIED, we were able to show that safety-related characteristics of professional drivers can be assessed by means of psychological tests. To test all relevant aspects of fitness to drive it is necessary to assess aspects of both personality and ability. SAROAD comprises a set of standardized ability and personality tests that can be used individually or in combination.

With our SAROAD test set we help you identify safety-related characteristics and abilities of professional drivers. Would you also like to identify the need of experienced professional drivers for further training (e.g. after accidents or critical situations)? Here too SAROAD provides professional support. Furthermore, in the SAROAD Report we give you a tool that goes far beyond the usual scoring systems of ability and personality tests. In the report the test results are not only listed but also comprehensively interpreted. The test variables, too, are described in detail. The interview guidelines are another plus, increasing the efficiency and quality of the recruitment process. Here is the exctrat of the SAROAD-Report.

Make your decision-making more objective and find the best professional drivers with the test set SAROAD!

Looking for solutions regarding fitness to drive on legal provisions? Find out more!

Assessments for greater safety

  • Wide range of high-quality tests for selecting professional drivers.
  • Certainty and reliability through consideration of personality characteristics relevant to road safety.
  • 4 levels of fitness to drive, based on the GDE matrix.
  • Automated and easy-to-understand scorings with clearly set out results, individual reports, detailed profiles and FIT scores (comprehensive overall assessment).


The SAROAD test set comprises the following dimensions and tests for verifying an individual’s ability to drive safely:



Duration in minutes

Vehicle operation



approx. 10

Reaction ability, simple

RT approx. 6

Coping with critical situations


Obtaining an overview - traffic


approx. 8

Stress tolerance, reactive


approx. 6

Analyzing and understanding situations


Logical reasoning


approx. 15

Safety-Relevant Personality


Mental stability


approx. 2

Sense of responsibility 


approx. 2



approx. 1

Risk avoidance


approx. 2

 Total Duration:


approx. 52