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DIMENSION Subdimension Test in 
Training in
Alertness visual WAF ALERT
auditory WAF
Sustained attention visual WAF VIG
auditory WAF
Focused attention visual WAF FOCUS
auditory WAF FOCUS
Divided attention WAF DIVID
Neglect Neglect left WAF SPACE
Neglect right WAF SPACE
Spatial attention WAF SPACE
Selective attention visual WAF SELECT
auditory WAF SELECT
Vigilance visual WAF VIG
auditory WAF
Visual search Smooth pursuit eye movements WAF
visual scanning WAF
Working memory figural NBN NBACK
verbal NBV
Short-term memory spatial CORSI
Long-term memory Figural – learning ability FGT
Figural – short-term FGT
Figural – long-term FGT
Figural - recognition FGT
Faces/names FNA NAMES
Verbal – learning ability AWLT
Verbal – short-term AWLT
Verbal – long-term AWLT
Verbal - recognition AWLT
Executive functions
Figural fluency 5POINT
Interference Reading STROOP
Cognitive flexibility TMT-L
Perseveration PERSEV
Planning ability verbal-temporal PAD PLAND
visual-spatial TOL-F
Response Inhibition INHIB HIBIT-R
Logical reasoning Easy form AMT
Task Switching Task switching accuracy SWITCH
Task switching speed SWITCH
Social cognition
Theory of Mind TOM
Empathy EQ
Spatial processing
Mental rotation 3D ROTATE
Visuoconstruction VISCO
Visual orientation ability LAT
Language and number processing
Language comprehension IBF
Number comprehension IBF
Object naming WOBT
Verbal fluency Lexical WIWO
Semantic WIWO
Processing speed
Processing speed TMT-L SPEED
Reactive behavior & visual functions
Arousal Flicker frequency FLIM
Fusion frequency FLIM
Stress tolerance, reactive DT SELECT
Ability to react Simple, reaction speed RT SELECT
Simple, motor speed RT SELECT
Obtaining an overview - traffic right-hand traffic ATAVT
left-hand traffic ATAVT
Sensomotor functions
Eye-hand coordination 2HAND VISMO
Fine motor skills Steadiness MLS
Manual dexterity and finger dexterity MLS
Wrist-finger speed MLS
Precision of arm-hand movements MLS
Accuracy of movement MLS
Clinical-psychological dimensions
Suicide risk FBS
Clinical psychological symptoms Depression ISR
Anxiety ISR
Compulsion ISR
Somatization ISR
Eating disorder ISR
Other dimensions
Subjective ability FLEI
Symptom validity assessment GET