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Customized sports psychology ability and personality assessment

The Vienna Test System SPORT in the service of talent spotting, development of young players and sports psychology Research

Sport psychology has enjoyed a considerable upsurge in recent years. And rightly so: in sport it is often psychological factors that make the difference between victory and defeat. Using the appropriate psychometric tests enables you to assess detrimental factors such as high levels of stress, limited attention or low motivation and to put compensatory measures in place.

The Vienna Test System SPORT is perfectly designed for sports psychology assessment. The psychometrically valid tool for profile analysis, talent assessment and development of training plans gives players and athletes a clear picture of their sports psychology profile – in terms of both skills and personality. Top-class athletes, sports clubs, sports academies and research institutes all over the world use the Vienna Test System as a reliable aid to decision-making. They include the Austrian and German soccer associations and the Greek national basketball team.

A feature of the Vienna Test System SPORT is its modular construction: the appropriate sports psychology tests are selected on the basis of the particular sporting discipline and the requirements profile. The tests can be combined into individual test batteries. Pre-defined test batteries, known as test sets, can also be used. And you can also incorporate your own tests if you wish. The ability tests measure accurately to within milliseconds, enabling intervention and progress monitoring to be extremely precise. Use digital testing and stay in the lead!


  • Comprehensive profile of the athlete on the basis of the large number of ability and personality tests.
  • Exact measurement of sport-related parameters such as reaction time, choice decision-making, reactive stress tolerance, coordination and peripheral perception as a result of millisecond-precise measurement and the range of peripheral devices that can be controlled by the Vienna Test System.
  • Exact and comprehensive records of the test session enable the VTS to be used as a sports psychology research tool.
  • Compliance with scientific standards ensures that assessment is fair and objective.
  • Short testing times; clear and standardized tasks.
  • Compilations of specific tests designed to answer an overarching query: Success Factors Motorsport (SFMOTOR), Success Factors Teamsport (SFTEAM), Talent Assessments (TAKIDS, TATEENS2).
  • Reports describe your respondent’s performance in words and diagrams. Complex test results are broken down succinctly and made easy to understand

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Fields of application

       Sport psychology - applied

The Vienna Test System SPORT gives you a well-established and psychometrically valid tool for talent spotting, preparation of training plans and talent promotion. It allows the necessary tests to be compiled quickly and easily to answer the relevant question. Read more...

       Sport psychology - research

The Vienna Test System SPORT gives you a well-established and psychometrically valid tool that will help you pinpoint the potentials and deficits of top-class sportsmen and -women. Read more...

All SPORT dimensions at a glance

Worth knowing: Biofeedback and the Vienna Test System are a good team

Biofeedback Xpert, the easy-to-use wireless biofeedback system from SCHUHFRIED, is particularly suitable for training in the field of sport: wireless recording and feedback (Bluetooth) of skin conductance, temperature, pulse, motility, muscle tension (EMG), breathing and heart rate variability enables the system to be used in lifelike situations. This helps the athlete improve activation and technique.

The conscious control of various physical functions such as breathing and muscle tension that is learned by using biofeedback provides benefits in the following areas:

  • achieving an optimum state of arousal during a competition
  • relaxation
  • promoting rehabilitation after injury
  • reducing competition anxiety
  • optimizing the movement pattern

Biofeedback Xpert and the Vienna Test System can be connected to enable physiological activation to be measured while ability tests or objective personality tests are being worked. Read more...