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DIMENSION Subdimension Test in 
Focused attention SIGNAL S3
Concentration COG S11
Cognitive ability
Anticipation of movement ZBA S1
Memory VISGED S11
Interference STROOP S7
Logical reasoning AMT S4
Cognitive flexibility TMT-L S1
Spatial ability Adaptive long form A3DW S2
Short form IBF S1
Reactive behavior & visual functions
Stress tolerance, reactive DT S1
Peripheral perception PP-R S1
Ability to react Simple RT S3
Complex MDT S2
Visual perception LVT S2
Sensorimotor functions
Eye-hand coordination Two-dimensional 2HAND S3
Three-dimensional SMK S1
Eye-hand-foot coordination SMK S4
Sport-related aspects of personality
Modesty BFSI S1
Discipline BFSI S1
Assertiveness BFSI S1
Ambition BFSI S1
Emotional robustness BFSI S1
Emotionality BFSI S1
Composure BFSI S1
Helpfulness BFSI S1
Openness of the system of values and norms BFSI S1
Openness to feelings BFSI S1
Conscientiousness BFSI S1
Social confidence BFSI S1
Dynamism BFSI S1
Recovery-strain state Strain EBFSPO S1
Recovery EBFSPO S1
Sport-specific strain EBFSPO S1
Sport-specific recovery EBFSPO S1
Achievement motivation Through personal goals OMLT S1
Through competition OMLT S1