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DIMENSION Subdimension Recommended test
by the VTS SPORT
Concentration COG
Focused attention SIGNAL
Cognitive abilities
Anticipation of movement ZBA
Cognitive flexibility TMT-L
Interference STROOP
Logical reasoning AMT
Spatial ability short form 3D
Reactive behavior & visual functions
Ability to react simple RT
Peripheral perception PP-R
Stress tolerance reactive DT
Visual perception LVT
Sensomotor functions
Eye-hand coordination three-dimensional SMK
two-dimensional 2HAND
Eye-hand-foot coordination SMK
Sport-related aspects of personality
Sport-related aspects of personality ambition BFSI
assertiveness BFSI
composure BFSI
conscientiousness BFSI
discipline BFSI
dynamism BFSI
emotional robustness BFSI
helpfulness BFSI
modesty BFSI
openness to feelings BFSI
social confidence BFSI