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Use in sports psychology

Get ahead in competition with the Vienna Test System SPORT

The Vienna Test System SPORT gives you a well-established and psychometrically valid tool for talent spotting, preparation of training plans and talent Promotion. It allows the necessary tests to be compiled quickly and easily to answer the relevant question. Using it in combination with other sports psychology assessment tools, such as structured interview and discussion guides, thus provides you with a comprehensive set of information that enables an objective decision to be reached. Assess the performance structure of your promising players and athletes and optimize your selection and development processes!

Assessments for sporting success

  • Exact measurement thanks to digital testing of sport-related parameters such as reaction time, choice decision-making, reactive stress tolerance, coordination and peripheral perception as a result of millisecond-precise measurement and the range of peripheral devices that can be controlled by the Vienna Test System.
  • Group testing makes economical use of resources.
  • Compilations of specific tests designed to answer an overarching query: Success Factors Motorsport (SFMOTOR), Success Factors Teamsport (SFTEAM),Talent Assessments (TAKIDS, TATEENS2).
  • Automated and easy-to-understand scorings with clearly set out results, individual reports, detailed profiles and ranking function.

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Depending on the issue under consideration, different dimensions can be measured, e.g.:

  • Focused attention (e.g. SIGNAL)
  • Anticipation of movement (e.g. ZBA)
  • Eye-hand-foot coordination (e.g. SMK)
  • Achievement motivation (e.g. OLMT)
  • Reaction ability (e.g. MDT)
  • Reactive stress tolerance (e.g. DTKI)

All SPORT dimensions at a glance