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Individual adaptations to meet your needs

Integration into existing IT solutions

Tests from SCHUHFRIED are not just outstanding solo performers – when necessary they are also top-notch team players. The software is designed to ensure that networking with other personnel management systems and databases is quick and easy. Interfaces enable data to be imported and exported. This means that workflows in businesses and clinics and in the offices of HR consultants and e-recruitment companies are unaffected; they are simply supplemented by valuable additional information from the tests. This ensures efficient and easily managed workflows.

Integrating your own tests

Perhaps you don’t want to abandon your own well-established tests altogether. Our test system is flexible! Add your own knowledge tests, questionnaires or psychological tests to the Vienna Test System. 

Customized scoring

SCHUHFRIED sets great store by efficiency. With the Vienna Test System you can therefore create a test battery that tests only the dimensions that are relevant to you. The associated scoring is of course also tailored to your needs. The test results are summarized clearly and compactly for you in a document.

In some fields of use it may be appropriate to display the test results in a ranking. By weighting the test scores and possibly incorporating other pre-defined tools (e.g. interview, educational grades), an automatic ranking of the respondents can be drawn up. This gives you a rapid and efficient overview of the most suitable candidates for the position in question.

As well as viewing the respondent’s test results, it is also possible to compare him or her with a requirements profile (“profiling”). Profiling involves defining a target profile, which specifies the ideal levels of ability and personality traits for the particular job. The FIT score calculated from the test session indicates the level of match between the ideal profile and the respondent’s actual profile. Another advantage of the FIT score is the fact that it takes account of compensation options: if the respondent makes up for a weak score on one ability or personality characteristic by strong scores on others, this has a positive impact on the FIT score.

Individual reports (report template and HR reports)

We provide you with a template for a customized written summary of the test results. The relevant test results are then filled in automatically in this report template. We can utilize your organization’s corporate design scheme and incorporate your wishes with regard to formulation and layout. These customized reports are an efficient and easy-to-use aid to the interpretation and feedback of results. They can also be used for written expert opinions or traffic psychological reports. In connection with personnel selection and development we also offer additional reports that vary in the information they contain (e.g. profile fit, interview guidelines, onboarding plan). You can read more about this in the HR scoring.

Corporate group solution

Perhaps you belong to a corporate group and would like to standardize your assessment process and use resources more efficiently. Choosing SCHUHFRIED systems makes a wide range of services available to your group of companies.

Quality assurance

The same versions of all tests and norms are used throughout the group. This guarantees a fair selection process company-wide. And the quality of your personnel selection and development is increased, because all your data is collected in a central database for statistical analysis (regional differences, longitudinal analysis, etc.

Increased efficiency

With a company-wide service package, solutions that have already been devised for the company can be quickly and reliably duplicated – both at content level (e.g. requirement criteria or matching of tests and skill profiles).

Price benefits

With our company-wide service package all your branches can obtain a price advantage of up to 20%. The SCHUHFRIED framework agreement enables all departments at all your branches to enjoy the price advantage.


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