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Do you want precise information?

Your norm for your setting

Drawing up customer-specific norms

If you have tested a certain number of people, we can draw up norms specifically for you. This enables you to identify how individuals compare with other people you have tested and to interpret results on a target-group-specific basis.

Your specific norms are incorporated into the Vienna Test System’s scoring system. This enables you to compare test results with this norm and also with other norms, such as the general representative sample or other specific samples. These different comparison scores can provide you with additional information that can be very helpful when interpreting the test results.

Convenience sample

A convenience sample is a specific group of individuals that is not representative of the population – for example, members of a particular occupational or patient group, or children and young people. If you regularly want to test a homogeneous group of individuals for very specific job requirements or a specific query, it makes sense to compare these individuals with an ad-hoc sample. For example, this may be entirely appropriate when looking for suitable mine workers or as part of the application process in international companies.


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