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Customized tests from SCHUHFRIED

If you need tests or questionnaires that are not in our portfolio or if you are interested in creating an exclusive test, we can design and construct customized tests for you. For example, this might involve a cognitive ability test, a specific knowledge questionnaire or a clinical questionnaire. If there is already a test or questionnaire that you would like to incorporate into the Vienna Test System, we shall be happy to advise on how this can be done or to do it for you. You receive tests that are adapted to your assessment situation and can be used only by you.

Three different types of customized test are available:

Open tests 

We develop a test with you and incorporate it into the Vienna Test System. This test is then available to all users of the Vienna Test System and can be used upon payment of a fee.

Semi-exclusive tests 

If you need a higher level of test protection, the test developed in collaboration with you is not made available to all users of the Vienna Test System but only to a selected user group. You define the user group with us on the basis of criteria such as users in a specific field or specific countries or languages.

Exclusive tests

The test developed with you is for your exclusive use.


Ask us, we'll gladly advise you!

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