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Outsource your testing

Save resources and guarantee quality

Do you lack the necessary time or physical resources for testing? Or have you not yet been able to build up the necessary expertise in the use of psychological tests in your company? Simply outsource your testing to us! We coordinate appointments for test sessions, carry out testing at our premises or yours and provide you with an easy-to-understand summary of the results.

At your premises or at the SCHUHFRIED Test & Research Center

We can conduct testing for you either at your premises or at the SCHUHFRIED Test & Research Center – whichever is best for you. Separating the assessment from the rest of the application process has a number of advantages for you. You save time, and outsourcing testing ensures anonymity in sensitive decisions (such as staff development).

For example, in a successful collaboration with Coco Cola Austria, testing for trainee positions was carried out at our test center. In another example of successful contract testing, we collaborated with the German Soccer Association in testing the German national team (2014 world champions). 

Processing of results and feedback

Once testing has been completed, we are happy to undertake both the written presentation of the test results and the verbal feedback of results to you or to the candidates. The written presentation involves an automated, written summary of the test results, the report. We can produce an individual template for this report that uses your company’s corporate design and corporate wording.  

As well as considering a respondent’s individual results, it is also possible to compare the respondent with a job profile (“profiling”) or with other respondents (“ranking”). Using these we can provide you with an objective recommendation for the appointment.

In-house tests

We can design and program for you in-house knowledge questionnaires, ability tests and other personnel selection and development tests. With these objective and customized tests we can ensure that you obtain precisely the information that you need to make a sound decision.


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