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Do you need help with interpreting test results? Do you want to reap the benefits of digital testing without having to abandon familiar, well-tried tests? Don’t delay – let our consultants advise you.

You know your field of work better than anyone and no one knows the VTS better than our consultants. Utilize their expertise and get personal advice. SCHUHFRIED can provide you with all the information you need, regardless of whether your questions relate to the assessment process or to technical issues.

Choose the format that is most helpful for you!


Webinars are mini-seminars that are delivered live over the internet. Our free webinars are compact units, lasting about 30 minutes, that provide hints and tips as well as updates on psychological issues in your field. At the end there is an opportunity for you to ask questions.

SCHUHFRIED runs up to 50 webinars a year, on topics such as:

  • Introduction to the Vienna Test System
  • Hints and tips on psychological assessment
  • Introduction to tests for specific areas of use.
  • Hints on interpretation of results.

Training in psychological assessment – scoring and interpretation

We consider it very important for test results to be presented in a way that is both detailed and clear. If you want to be sure that you are making full use of all the features of the SCHUHFRIED scoring system, consider joining one of our training courses on the subject. In just a few hours our consultants will explain the most important aspects of psychological assessment to you and show you how our scoring system makes it easier for you to interpret the results.

Workshops on the use of tests and training programs

Whether you are a newcomer to the Vienna Test System or an experienced user, there is always more to be learned! In our workshops our consultants demonstrate how the tests are administered, scored and interpreted and how candidates can be given feedback on the results. Using realistic examples, we explain the special features of the tests or training programs, the underlying theoretical concepts and the test quality criteria, enabling you or your staff to gain practical experience of administering and interpreting tests and results. We regularly invite acknowledged experts to speak at our events. Upon request we shall be happy to design workshops specifically for you and run them at your premises.

Training in the VTS / CPS – administration and testing, data export, etc.

The first stage of the consultancy process normally involves identifying the opportunities for using psychological tests or cognitive training programs in your particular context. We show you when, how and where psychological tests can be used, what questions can be answered, and how the use of standardized tests can benefit you. The next step is to define your specific requirements profile. We identify the dimensions that are relevant in your particular occupational, traffic psychological, neurological or sporting field – for example, for success in certain jobs, for fitness to drive or for performance in particular sporting disciplines. You receive a scientifically based profile detailing the relevant criteria/dimensions: this provides a basis for the next stages of the psychological assessment process.

Advice on integration into existing processes

The Vienna Test System is easy to integrate into existing systems or software programs, thus ensuring that high-quality testing forms part of a clear and efficient work process. Our consultants work with you to devise the best and most efficient system for ensuring that you measure and/or train the ability and personality factors that are actually relevant to you. We thus create the optimum test and working conditions for you and your clients.


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