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Evaluate your assessment tools!

The benefits of data analysis

Working with you, we design and conduct validation studies to check whether the tools you are using to inform your judgments (such as tests, questionnaires, interviews, assessment centers) are producing the required results within your organization. We define external criteria (e.g. career success in the HR field, driving tests in the “traffic” field, sporting performance in the field of “sport”) and you provide the data. We use statistical analysis to calculate the correlation between the tests and the defined external criteria (e.g. in the HR field, are people who do better in the tests actually more successful in the job?). In-depth analysis provides you with a picture of the actual usefulness of the test for your assessment query.

Process optimization

The validation process ensures that just the right dimensions are defined to enable you to arrive at a sound decision. On the basis of this validation or of practical experience with the tests, we advise you on further optimization of the process. For example, the tests may be re-weighted, or we can help you create customized test batteries in which the tests are specially weighted for a specific job or for your company. Your end product is a validated and tested assessment process that yields a reliable answer to your assessment queries.


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