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Test scoring in traffic psychological investigations

Make the right decision quickly and easily

The results are available as soon as testing has finished. They are presented clearly in the form of a table and a diagram (the “profile”). Additional details provided include information on working time (both overall and per item), details of responses given and a progress chart.

The SCHUHFRIED standard in test scoring

The table lists the results and relates them to the scores of a comparison group (norms). In the profile the colored highlighting shows you at a glance which test results are average, which above average and which below average. For written reports the profile can be transferred into Microsoft Office© documents by using Copy – Paste and additional information – such as answers to questions raised in history-taking, health information and behavior observations can be added as required.


As well as viewing the respondent’s test results, it is also possible to compare him or her with a requirements profile (“profiling”). This involves defining a target profile based on the levels of ability and personality characteristics needed by a driver. The FIT score that results from the test session shows the degree of match between the target profile and the respondent’s actual profile and indicates whether the scores achieved fail to reach the specified cut-off values.

The reports

Reports are one of the key benefits of psychological tests from SCHUHFRIED. Many years’ experience have enabled us to design the scoring system so that you get the results in the precise form that you need. Our test sets, too, provide a summary analysis of the results, giving you a rapid overview of the respondent’s abilities.

The report explains the dimensions tested and describes how the respondent scored on each one. The Report is provided as a template and can be adapted as required in Microsoft Word®. The report that accompanies the FEV test set in available in both a short and a long version; it not only describes the respondent’s test results but also details cut-off scores for different groups of drivers.