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DIMENSION Subdimension Test in
Concentration COG S11
Vigilance Visual WAF S2
Auditory WAF S4
Cognitive abilities
Anticipation of movement ZBA S1
Cognitive flexibility TMT-L S1
Logical reasoning Short form AMT S5
Adaptive long form AMT S1
Traffic form AMT S11
Memory VISGED S11
Planning ability TOL-F S1
Processing speed TMT-L S1
Spatial ability Short form IBF S1
Adaptive long form A3DW S2
Reactive behavior & visual functions
Stress tolerance, reactive DT S1
Peripheral perception PP-R S1
Ability to react Simple, reaction speed RT S3
Simple, motor speed RT S3
Obtaining an overview - traffic Right-hand traffic ATAVT S1
Left-hand traffic ATAVT S2
Visual perception LVT S2
Eye-hand coordination Two-dimensional 2HAND S3
Visual orientation ability LAT S1
Perceptual speed WG S2
Driving-related aspects of personality
Aggression VIP S1
Alcohol dependency FFT S3
Non-normal behavior VIP S1
Mental stability IVPE-R S1
Readiness to take risks in traffic WRBTV S1
Risk avoidance IVPE-R S1
Self-control IVPE-R S1
Sense of responsibility IVPE-R S1